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We’ve been talking about the sultry songstress, Cadence for a while now. She is definitely making moves and we don’t see her slowing down. She’s been writing her own music, calling her own shots, and riding off the support of her team since day one. She’s a boss in the making for sure.

Cadence just stunned the world with her new project, ‘No Agenda’, which features her most popular singles. She has been receiving a lot great responses so far. The project has been streamed and downloaded by fans everywhere and continues to climb the charts. To no surprise, ‘No Agenda’ has taken the streets by storm, here’s why:

The project starts off with a word from the host, PARTYALLWKND, who subtly explains the title of her project, ‘No Agenda’. He explains that although the industry has all sorts of agendas, Cadence simply promotes good music and has ‘No Agenda’ other than to put out her music and share her gift with the world.

The entire project is an opportunity for Cadence to claim her stake as a certified singer and songwriter. Each song showcases Cadences’ tenacity as an artist. Her first track, ‘Jet Life’ is cleverly written to illustrate the dreams and aspirations the young singer has of fame. The song features fellow artist, Young Lock to declare a team feel, and conviction in her lyrics depicts that she will bring her team with her to the top with the line “whoever said it’s lonely at the top lied”.

The singer takes a dynamic appeal in her project as she hits all the notes of the ups and downs of the emotional rollercoaster we call ‘Love’. The song ‘Lost’ is a typical love song about a woman needing to be reconnected with the pieces of her heart. She describes the pain that relationships have taken her through and she longs for someone to mend her broken heart.

In the next track, ‘Man in the Box’, Cadence delivers to listeners the story of a man who had everything, but is now destitute and without anything at all; so meager that he lives in a box. She describes the ups and downs of the man’s life, from childhood, living in a nice home, to adulthood fame and celebrity, to now, living without material possessions. She illustrates the man as being content with nothing. A powerful song that brings to light the reality that one can have everything, yet have nothing at all.

Cadence speaks to her fans through out her project. She humbly thanks each and everyone of them for the support she is receiving and follows up with an acappella version of Alicia Keys’ ‘Unthinkable’. She uses her range in scale to showcase her musical abilities. A favorite by fans, Cadences’ version of ‘Unthinkable’ gives listeners chills.

Remixes seem to be a strong point for the young singer. Everyone has heard ‘Mean’ by Taylor Swift, but not quite the way Cadence performs it. The singer has taken hit song, ‘Mean’ by country singer, Taylor Swift, and totally dissected it into a whole new song. The concept is still evident, an all out diss to all the haters who ever told her that she wouldn’t make it. She puts that “Cadence”  touch on it and makes it relatable to every little chocolate girl who was told she was not good enough to pursue her dreams and reach them. The beat, produced by Twiggy Beats, definitely rides, each chord of Cadences’ voice make love to lyrics, and the song is a certified banger.

The last song on ‘No Agenda’ is another variation of a lover’s symphony. Cadence eloquently confesses the appreciation a woman has for her lover through her hit ‘Appreciation Day’. In the interlude to her song, she explains that too many women complain about their men, rather than appreciating the things that he does for her. A Typical ‘Cater 2 U feel’, this ballad is a strong example of a woman being grateful for the man she loves.

‘No Agenda’ has been long anticipated. The overall project is well written, and even more-so, well performed. The arrangement is well organized and suitable for the delivery Cadence provides. In retrospect, the presentation of the project was deserving of more enthusiasm by the host, PTYALLWKND. To be critically analytical, the project, ‘No Agenda’, would have been more effective with clean songs to be represent a more professional appeal to the masses. The singer is backed by a large team, and surely, her next projects will be even more memorable.

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