Restaurant and Venue Review: Two01 Restaurant and Dolce Atlanta Peachtree Resort

While dining in Atlanta, you will find yourself among the greatest cuisines in the world. Atlanta is the home to a huge melting pot of eateries and anyone can find themselves lost in the plethora of great dining! I’m going to discuss a solitary secret in the outskirts of the city of Atlanta, GA  at the secluded spot of Dolce Resort in Peachtree City, GA.



The lavish facility has over 40 acres of get-a-way space, tucked off in the backwoods of the prominent suburban city. At Dolce, the visitors are business people, couples, families, and groups, all looking for a fine establishment to hold meetings, eat, relax, and sleep. The resort houses over 220 guest rooms, all plush, and sexy. There is a beautiful lake, over 90 miles of walking trails, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and basketball courts for the active traveler, and an indoor pool for a rainy day’s swim. The resort also offers a state of the art gym, billiard tables, and a night lounge for an evening chill.



The staff at Dolce is very polite, professional, and helpful. Everyone there greeted us with a smile. The front desk receptionist, Val was extremely helpful! She explained all the amenities, the perks, and offered to send a golf cart to take us to our room. For dinner, we ate in the Two01 Lounge where our server, Justin Barkley, took very good care of our group. He was extremely courteous! He was extremely patient with our changing orders and add ons. He delivered our food promptly, perfectly, and continued to provide excellent customer service by making conversation and entertaining our group.


We played a little pool, some foozeball, and enjoyed the ambiance. Definitely an impressive scene! Off to the suites.

The rooms were beautiful! The colors were pretty neutral, orange tones, grays, and earth cool tints. The suites were all executive styles, nothing plain and ordinary about them. Premium everything. Again, impressive. Very. Comfortable beds, satellite tv on the high-end flat screens, lakeside view. Anyone looking for a great get-a-way, I recommend Dolce Atlanta Peachtree.


Let’s talk about the food! The next morning, our group dined at the infamous 5 star buffet at the Two01 Restaurant for breakfast. Reasonably priced at $14.95, the buffet included “made-to-order” omelets, pancakes, grits, sausage, bacon, strawberries, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, grapes, pineapples, bagels, biscuits, muffins, doughnuts, oatmeal, french toast… I’m full! Everything was definitely delicious! Kudos to the Chef, Len Elias! Again, I cannot stress just how friendly and welcoming the staff was! It so happened that we got the same server from the previous night! Justin remembered a lot of us by name and made us all feel welcome. The manager on duty, Nakia Chunn, was extremely warm, and invited us back again. Yes, I would go back to Dolce Atlanta Peachtree!

Eat at Dolce’s Two01!

Stay at Dolce!



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