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The 4th Quarter is a special time for the music industry. The elites release music for stamped cult-like fan bases. It is rare that an up-and-coming artist makes an impact. That kind of recognition says a lot about their work ethic and passion for their craft. Releasing the signature Real Deal mixtape Young Lock applies a grassroots approach to spread word throughout the Mid-West. Performing dynamic shows in cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, Bowling Green, and Cincinnati; Lock has been picking up steam rapidly with his new single “Real Deal“. He is backed not only from independent home-based brand #Team563 and On The Rise, but also collaborating with music consultant Anthony “AT” Easley, this is a win-win recipe for success. Show after show you see a growing stage presence demanding attention from front row to the back of venues.

The New Year is here and Lock is performing regionally. He is also growing his image towards his native city all at once. “Real Deal” steadily grows and remains stuck with the supporters after their first impression. In November 2015, the target city was Cincinnati for networking and brand building. Lock performed at the infamous Mad Frog linking with Cincy bred TaylorMade, DJ HD, DJ So Sincere, and DJ Slick Rick. His personality left quite the impression. Lock also linked up with the crowd to party as well as promote at “Celebrities”. He received great feedback from the people as well promoters, disc jockeys, and spectators. The same results took place in Chicago,IL but with a different spin. Evansville,IN was a great scene for building a buzz in small markets. Performing along Hot Boyz own, the legendary Juvenile. Lock managed to stay in his own lane bringing more question as to “Who is Young Lock?” for those who aren’t familiar with his movement yet.

The two events to highlight were: Power 92 Best of 2015 Club Encore performance powered by Go Boyz Entertainment hosted by Mz. Lethal and DJ JT Da Don and the Chicago Unsigned Hype Showcase at the Harold Washington Cultural Center powered by Showcase from H3 Entertainment and GoSityEnt.com. Now it’s obvious that Lock performing for events catered towards Chicago, but if you know the history of Young Lock he no stranger to the city He often times slayed paid performances in his college days. Both shows landed the “Real Deal” artist in a supreme spot with the booming market The Chi City offers blogs and buzz with reports with RapMusicPromo.com also powered behind Showcase as well. Outside performances the groundwork work was applied in the infamous south side of Chicago where people were showing support towards the craft by downloading and buying copies of Real Deal. Stack or Starve DJ MilTicket was an lending ear during the process during an unexpected run in at Exclusive, an predominant clothing store that helps the hip hop culture in Chicago. Studio sessions and video shoots also took place bringing an full experience to work in the wintertime of Chicago.

Lock has an bright future ahead him as long he continue to maneuver through the maze of the business. With the SXSW Conferences and Festivals in Austin, Texas approaching (March 2016) I want to see what the next move the brand. Growth is next and keeping everybody on their seats to guess what next.


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