Quata Till: A Humble Artist Welcoming Hard ‘Work’.

qt1The concept of “Hard Work” is nothing new to Jacksonville, F.L. native, Quata Till. Born Teddy Bell, the stage name Quata Till was given to him at the age of 15 by his brother as a celebratory monument for recording his first song. “Quata Till just stuck!” says the lyricist. Discovering his passion for music was not a difficult feat, molded by the kid sensation, So So Def’s own, Kriss Kross. At just 9 or 10 years old, the rapper emulated his favorite artists, and developed a keen desire for the art of music. Little did hungry, studious rapper Quata Till know that the youth anthem, “Jump” by Kriss Kross, would inspire a remarkable career for him, enabling him to spark a powerful movement of his own, Money Bag Swagg.

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Speaking from humble beginnings, Quata Till’s Granny, Thelca Clark has instilled in him patience, perseverance, and determination. He looks to her for inspiration which is why he declares he will make it in the dog eat dog world of starving artists. His optimistic mindset and pure intentions have this On The Rise artist assured that God will bless him to fulfill his destiny and touch the lives of others through his music. His enthusiasm, despite adversities, speaks mounds “To be great you have to be relentless. All the greats were. And I have goals to meet and people are depending on me,” Quata Till states, adamantly.

Although he has an active library that is over seven years old, Quata Till has chosen to focus on his latest single, ‘Work’, featuring local sensations Wonka Man and Lil Pimp Tyte. ‘Work’ is a definite strip club banger produced by M.I. that will make speakers quake. It takes on a double entendre, posing ambiguity. Though the song is sure to make her booty shake, make you two step, and cause the whole club to move, ‘Work’ is actually a concept song in which the hook promotes the general “Grind or Die” motto, adopted by hustlers everywhere.

Grinding hard is second nature for this artist. He tells us that the most difficult aspect of this journey has been “Finding your own nitch in the game and getting your sound heard by the right ears. It just takes faith and persistence.” Quata has affirmed that he has a long way to go. His short term goal is to gain a fan base of over 50,000 solid supporters. He dreams of hearing his music on all radio stations and topping charts everywhere. He is ready to become a house hold name.

With a unique sound, the rapper insists that he cannot be compared to anyone else. If you ask him who he looks up to, he will tell you that he respects Greats like Lil Wayne, Starlito, Curren$y, and CamRon and has taken critical notes and recorded their progress since day one, familiar with the ups and downs of the lifestyle he is certain that is destined to him. The rapper credits his success to support of his family, friends, and fans, and especially God. He has made it clear that he will continue to put in ‘Work’ by endless hours of recording, writing, networking, and whatever it takes to attain his goals.

“Focus on your craft. Be original. And keep God in everything you do.” is the advice that Quata Till gives to anyone starting out in the music industry. He admits that the industry can be discouraging, but is worth wild to be persistence; there is a lesson in each success and failure alike. In the midst of fourth quarter madness, the rapper has developed a street team and enlisted in the help Atlanta’s ZodiaK GirlZ to promote his song ‘Work’. Looking towards greatness and chasing success, Quata Till is sure to blaze stages and grace airways by maintaining persistence and faith.



    Quata Till has performed at several locations, rocked many shows, and opened for stars already. He knows that it does not stop there. Quata Till has taken drastic steps to improve his stats by linking with On The Rise Magazine to feature his song, ‘Work’ in rotation on On The Rise Radio. Quata Till graciously thanks “Father Yahweh, my big brother Mr. Bell, anyone affiliated with Money Bag Swagg Multimedia, #TeamQuata, DJ Adam, the entire Full Meta Jackit, any DJ or fan that liked what Quata had to offer.” We look forward to watching Quata Till flourish as musical a figure.

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