Project Risen Artist Philly Blocks Talks Touring, Networking, and Hustle & Flow

cropped-cropped-cropped-on-the-rise-magazine.jpgFor every artist, the key to the industry is their network. Philly Blocks has just reached his year with us here at On The Rise Mag in the Risen Program, and as you all know, he has accomplished a lot. The growth and development an artist receives during their tenure here is by far of the utmost importance. An artists’ ability to become a sponge, take direction, practice a specific level of professionalism, and display a strong presence as a hungry individual is what makes them eligible for our uniquely dynamic PR Internship discovered in Project Risen. Upon Philly Blocks’ 5th tour, he reflects and illustrates his sincerest appreciation for the Brand expansion he is receiving. Check out what our MVP, Philly Blocks has to say:


“For my arrival day it was very fast paced and right to business. I got to ‘Hustle & Flow,’ Grand Hustle’s infamous open mic. In the building were new faces and a few familiar people as well. It is always an honor and a humbling experience to see everyone display such support and genuine appreciation for independent artist and brands. It shocks a lot of people that an individual like me comes from Louisville, KY. I know my home is an unfamiliar market when it comes the entertainment industry.

The love was apparent instantly; I was embraced by Fort Knox and A Town Mike. At the door, the man responsible for checking in people was none other than KC, an A&R with Grand Hustle with whom I was very familiar; He was familiar with me also. My network grows and expands day by day as I embark on my Project Risen Experience with On The Rise Mag. Among the supporters were Terell HHS1987 -he always shows support 100%


(Philly Blocks and DJ Plugg)


(Philly Blocks and DJ Pretty Boy Tank)

My performance was priceless. I got love from everyone in the building! I chose to perform ‘2013’ and DJ Plugg showed love, other indie artists supported me,disc jockeys, photographers, and many fans gravitated towards me in the packed out venue at Cream Lounge. I love the way the industry opens its arms here in Atlanta, I finally chopped it up with HoodRich own DJ Pretty Boy Tank, he was down to earth and real. I also linked up with Makin It Magazine and got two interviews with Indian Mommy & Ms.Honey as well networked with Jay Harris. Money Designz (a Grand House in house photographer) was in attendance as well. I got a hard copy of the premier issue of Addictive Magazine took promo pictures to build and support the movement.10408140_10153191459144752_4401390400595535014_n

Overall the experience was an success thanks to On The Rise Magazine, Tracey Big Deal, Miss Ebony, Making It Magazine, and the Grand Hustle connection. I built a great network and I see why its the BIGGEST networking event in Atlanta.”



(Philly Blocks and Indian Mommy)

(Philly Blocks and Ms. Honey)

It’s always our honor to provide our clients- our Family– with exactly what they are asking for. Philly Blocks has some pretty big goals and very detailed lists of things he will accomplish. We are appreciative to work with him and each Risen Experience will groom him and tailor him into the household name he aspires to be.

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