President Obama Call For Public Response On State Of The Union Address

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’S 2013 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS WAS DELIVERED.  The WHITE HOUSE website not only posted the video of President Obama’s State Of The Union Address, but also the transcript and a plea from the public to weigh in on the issues “President Obama’s State of the Union address is just the beginning; now we want to hear from you. Highlight a passage of the speech that was meaningful to you and tell the President how you’re connected to that issue. Then share that part of the speech with your friends.”:


Obama announced that soldiers were coming home, he’s pushing for minimum wage to be increased to $9 per hour, and several things about peace among the nations and military plans…

Another big moment was when he began talking about cyber / internet security.


Visit the Whitehouse site here to find out how to weigh in with President Obama on the issues.


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