Presenting X-Phaze “Just Another Saturday” From Hoboken, New Jersey


Just Another Saturday

From X-Phaze

Hey! How’s everything? It’s been a while…
I’ve been hibernating. Just woke up to 29 texts from my mom. She thought I was dead. Anyways, I put out a new song.
I was wondering if I could submit my track to your site? I added my info and the song below:
Song Name: Just Another Saturday
Name: X-Phaze
City/State: Hoboken, New Jersey
I would never get sleep during the week while I was at school so I would never set my alarm on Friday nights. That way I could sleep forever. But I would always wake up with half of the day already gone. So after this happened over and over for weeks, I decided to put my waste of time to use and write a song about what would happened every Saturday.
I’d really appreciate it if you could give my song a chance, share the link, or help me get it out there in any way. Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks for your time!
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