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Countless individuals vow for a change. Be it spiritually, financially or mentally, goals cannot be accomplished without the encouragement to take the necessary steps. With a guiding hand and powerful words, Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes is here to help.

From the work place to the church pews, people need encouragement to propel them to the God-given success they already possess, Hayes says. While it’s inside already, sometimes an extra push is needed. I strive to provide that.

Hayes has the unique talent of turning names and words into positive messages within seconds right before your eyes.  Hayes calls these Derricknyms. His critically acclaimed first book by the same name (first print 2000) has been utilized in corporate, religious and scholastic settings. Personalized Derricknyms can be ordered by going to One of the most frequently used Derricknyms is W.O.E. (Words of Encouragement)

Hayes is a highly sought-after speaker nationwide. He has been featured as the keynote speaker at several events sponsored by such entities as the U.S. Department of Commerce, Brown Sanders College, Georgia State University, Tennessee Childcare Facilities Corporation, Mississippi 4-H, American Camping Association, Bowie State University, Tennessee State University, Georgia Power, Jackson State University,  and many others.

As a featured writer, Hayes has had articles and columns appear in several publications and on many Web sites. Hayes has written for Next Step Magazine,,, The Anointed News Journal, and others. Most recently, Hayes has written Grow The “F” Up ( and is a contributor to the thought-provoking book, Can Hip-Hop Be Holy? In the fall of 2011 Derrick Hayes released his highly anticipated book entitled, 1 WORD Is All It Takes™.

Derrick Hayes new venture Motivation to Your Mobile™ is an application that will allow mobile users to receive Hayes daily quotes. Motivation to Your Mobile™ is a free downloaded on the Android Market. Learn more about Motivation to Your Mobile™  go to and to download the app right now go to
1.) Hello, Derrick. How are you doing today, sir? “I’m blessed and I tell people from all over the world that Every day is Great In The Peach State.”

2.) For those who aren’t familiar with Derrick Hayes, please enlighten them. I brand my name to keep me in the game. One of my gifts is where I can turn your name into a positive message right before your eyes. Some call them acrostics or acronyms. When I added my name I started to market these motivational messages of encouragement as Derricknyms. After a 20 year successful run I was asked to start developing publicity opportunities for experts and celebrities. This thought gave birth to the DERRICK Interview where though my name I ask others questions to inspire answers that will spark a chance in the lives of others.

3.) You’re an encouragement speaker. What do you encourage people to do the
most? I encourage others to brand their work and work their brand. Everyone has a favorite word that they use daily that they can turn into their own brand. My motivation to help others find their word, speak their word, activate their word, brand their word, share their word, keep their word so that they can live their word.

4.) Tell us about the latest projects you’re involved in. Two projects that I’m involved in that I would like others to know more about are Motivation To Your Mobile and Today’s Honoree. Motivation To Your Mobile is a free phone app on Android and i-Phones that sends an original motivational quote to your mobile phone every single day. Today’s Honoree is a blog where you can nominate and have featured people in your life that you feel deserve recognition for the great work that they do.

5.) Do you ever take ALL of your own advice? It is easier to tell others what they should do. I try to as much as possible do everything that I ask others to do. The real way to teach someone is to have took the class. Too many are teaching from lessons that they have never been through.

6.) What do people do NOT know about you?

I truly care about your success and if I can help you I will.

7.) What is your motto?

“Before you leave work or go to sleep at night, give someone a WOE, a Word Of

You can learn more about Derrick by check out his works via his websites above. 🙂


  1. This is really very interesting. I wonder what Derick can do with my name? anyway, i will check on his application on my android phone and maybe i can download it. I want to know him better because as i read this article he seems to be a very interesting man.

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