People of Color in the Pagan Community

Unlike popular belief Wicca is not a Whites only club. It is open to people of all nationalities and ethnicity. Not to say we don’t have a few bad apples in the bunch who feel like people of color should not be involved in the community. Yes there is discrimination in the pagan community but it’s rarely seen and not exactly welcomed.
As a person of color within the pagan community I tend to find more discrimination outside of the community than I do inside. As an African American I am told by other POC’s not in the community to be Christian. People of Color are always represented as Christian even though there are many of us who are not.
I’m asked repeated why I am not Christian and I say and continue to say that I simply have no connection to the Christian God. I have a deep connection to the Goddess and God of the pagan community. The duality of the two along with the elements I maintain a balance within myself.
What I would love to show people who are POC that we are alive and welcomed in the pagan community. That it is not devil worship and that it’s a beautiful religion based off harmony within yourself and your environment. That it’s not a White religion but a religion for us all.
Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.

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