Pass Key Choice Fans Nominate Attica Lundy AND On The Rise Magazine ATL’s Hottest


In 2013 AND 2014 I was nominated ATL’s Hottest Publicist; and I won!  On the award ceremony dates, things were all over the place for me, and multiple sclerosis was really getting to me, so I had to leave the Pass Key Choice Presents award ceremonies early without even receiving my awards.  They’ve held them for me.  Full circle, this year not only have I been nominated, but my On The Rise Magazine team has been nominated, as well.  We’ve been working hard and I’m so proud of us.  I got the news a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.  I’m so thankful for our fans who nominated us. We’ve never given up and continue to service the on the rise community.  Thank you so much.


“Many Are Called ATL’s Hottest,
But, Only A Few Are Voted ATL’s Hottest” at

“Congratulations Attica Lundy, your fans have nominated you ATL’s Hottest Publicist and also On The Rise Magazine has been nominated ATL’s Hottest Entertainment Magazine at You are now in the running to win the Official Title “Voted ATL’s Hottest” in your categories along with all the publicity and accolades that come with winning ATL’s Hottest. To accept your nomination visit“.



We did it! I really appreciate everything that my team has done to support my efforts in giving exposure to the ON THE RISE COMMUNITY.  I’ve dedicated my life’s work to the community and to be recognized by our fans means the world to us.
The Annual Awards Winning Weekend of events is December 1-4th in Atlanta GA with the presentation of The 8th Annual ATL’s Hottest Entertainment Awards Dec 4th. Winners receive outstanding recognition, opportunities and benefits!
PassKeyChoice Presents ATL’s Hottest Awards 8 ‘s information can be found at, and the voting ballot is here ATL’s Hottest Entertainment
CLICK HERE TO VOTE for Attica Lundy/ATL’s Hottest Publicist and ON THE RISE MAGAZINE for ATL’s Hottest ENT Magazine. 
Who’s Got The HEAT?  Remember to vote Attica Lundy for Hottest Publicist and On The Rise Magazine as Hottest Ent Magazine. atls-hottest-ballot-2016

Be on the lookout for other nominee announcements in ON THE RISE MAGAZINE!

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