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jac rip 1His music touches many lives as it speaks the struggles and stories that many can relate to. His energy as a performer and insight as a songwriter influences the breaking of all generic barriers. Despite his much great success, there remained a gaping hole in his soul. 

While preparing for concert in February of 2010 Jac Rip realized that he wanted to be more than just a listening entity. Something opened up inside his heart to use his music as a gateway to salvation. There was more to life than the past struggles and present heartache. There was a message of future life in another realm that people needed to be aware of. Mark 15:16 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation Jac Rip was never brought up in the church as a child, but being saved for several years and seeing the miraculous works of God, he knew that he could not withhold the blessings that Got had for others through the ministry of his music. In July of 2010 Jac Rip released his first inspirational/ gospel rap CD entitled Testimony and a clothing line of Testimony Tees. Testimony is not for the average saved Christians but for the lost; for the young and the old, for the rich and the poor for the hard core rebel as well as the compassionate individual.
With this album Jac Rip went outside the box and has created something for everyone, with a message that through the struggles and suffering in your life, whether your lost, feeling insecure or tempted, God can and will forgive you, and all you need is him. Jac Rip is currently working on a second album as well as establishing RIP MINISTRIES (Relying in Prayer) that will be a worldwide ministry in order to help save and encourage the lost. Because, “Without A Test there is No Testimony.”

On The Rise Magazine CEO Attica Lundy Cooper ‘s interview with JAC RIP:

JAC RIP’s on twitter.  ”

Halleluyah Halleluyah, you know I do some things much different than I used ta !

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That was my cue to chime on in, by looking down at my phone and retweeting his tweet and saying a silent “Amen”.

OTR:  Good Morning!  Thank-You so much for interviewing with me.

JAC RIP: Good morning Boss Lady, hope all is well with you.

OTR: It is.  Thanks.  Well, to start, where are you from, and describe growing up prior to the music actually began being recorded?

JAC RIP: I grew up in Buffalo NY & moved to GA when I was 15.  Growing up was cool, I mean I witnessed some stuff early on but It was the norm so I didn’t realize at that time this was stuff that maybe I shouldn’t have had to deal with. My Dad sold drugs and was kinda like a boss figure so I was around guns, drugs and always having a house full people. So I got used to that lifestyle and having everything I wanted until he was sent to prison when I was in middle school.

OTR:  That was very young for you.  Looking back on things back then when you were in middle school and everything was just chaotic, did you ever see yourself being a part of a ministry, especially your own?

JAC RIP: Never in my wildest dreams, and the funny thing is that I had people tell me that I was going to go this direction but always shrugged them off.
OTR: They saw your calling, I imagine.  That’s nice.  Is music your only form of sharing God’s word?
JAC RIP: I think that this is a tool that I used at the moment, I actually preached my 1st sermon a couple of months ago at a youth service at my church Oasis Family Life Church.  I’m open to go where God leads me, I know I cant rap forever.
jac 11OTR: True.  But even getting this far couldn’t have been easy.  What were some of the obstacles, if any, you faced changing the direction of your music towards Gospel or Christian Rap?
JAC RIP: Learning a whole other culture and people taking me serious. You have critics and people who are going to throw your past up. Personally I think relationships with so-called friends was a big hurdle. When I decided to do this, I had alot of people turn there backs on me, I felt alone for a long time and sometimes I still feel like travel a lonely road.
OTR: And that’s fine.  That was their choice.  But talent can’t be denied.  Was everyone accepting of your “ministry-style music”?
JAC RIP: I guess from appearance some people are kind of taken back but once they meet me and see me live I tend to change a lot of peoples perceptions.  My music is for anyone across the board, I’ve had people tell me that I hide a great message in plain site and they don’t want to box me in a Christian Rap genre, its just good music.

 OTR:  You have a clothing line, “Testimony Tees”. Did you have a business or retail background?

JAC RIP: I am actually re-launching this Feb as “Christian Advisory” with snapbacks, Tshirts and accessories. The site is up www.ChristianAdvisory.com but I’m still working on it and I have some great looking merchandise.  I actually use to work at a shoe store and worked with reps on ordering the hottest new kicks so I think that helps a little.  I always sell a lot merchandise at my events. I pride myself on delivering quality goods.

OTR: Off the stage and out of the t-shirt factory, what’s your favorite past-time?

JAC RIP: I used to love playing basketball but I actually ruptured my Achilles tendon last summer so my playing days are over. I guess maybe I should try golf now.

OTR: I’m sorry to hear that.  But golf is nice, too.  My boys are ballers, so I can only imagine!  I’m glad you have a good support system, because that’s important, too.  Do you have a home church, and if so, what is it?

JAC RIP: I go to Oasis Family Life Church in Dallas GA under Pastor Anthony Murray and Christina Murray, They are actually part of the new TLC show “The Sisterhood”

OTR: Oh, okay.  Wow.  A TV show.  You know, you have to be careful around those cameras, especially with the type of music you do.  Do you use profanity off stage?

JAC RIP: I never used profanity, I used to use the N word in rhymes a lot but that was it so lyrically I didn’t have much of a transition.

OTR: GOD will surely bless you for that.  You sound like you have  a good heart and a good head on your shoulders.  What’s your relationship status?, if you don’t mind me asking.
JAC RIP: I’m married to one of the strongest woman I ever met, her name is Jodi and we’ve been together for 13 years. We got married right out of high school and we have 2 kids together.
OTR: That is just beautiful.  I wish your family the very best.  You know, it’s a good thing when a man finds a wife.  What’s your favorite type of food and your perfect meal?
JAC RIP: I’m a creature of habit, I rarely try anything new and my friends and wife rag me about it all the time to try new stuff. I’m just a steak and potatoes guy. I’m easy and predictable i guess.
Jac 6flags
OTR:  Tell us about your community activities.
JAC RIP: Community is big and I think everyone should do some sort of community service. I got to drug rehabs, correctional facilities and foster shelters all the time.  I usually take a DJ with me and we do a free concert, sometimes I take a Pastor or speaker with me and really get to know people and just fellowship. I really have a heart for people. Maybe you can come out with me one day and take part, the feeling is incredible and it really keeps me grounded.
OTR: Out of your catalog, what’s your favorite song.
JAC RIP: Thats a hard one be alot of my music is based off of personal experiences but off of my 2010 release “Testimony” I would say “Insecure” my favorite. Off of “Under God’s Authority” I would have to go with “I’m Still”.
OTR: Outside of music and fashion, what do you do professionally.
JAC RIP: For the last year I have been at Georgia Power as an Auxiliary Equipment Operator, Before that I was self employed for about 5 years running my studio and doing Graphic design.
OTR: Your music shows your close relationship with GOD. Does your personal life also reflect that?
JAC RIP: I’m a sinner and I’m far from being where I really want to be but I know I have made great strides to be a overall better man, husband and father.  Life is about growth and I now I still have room for improvement.  I know I have a purpose and the only reason I am where I am today is because of God so want and need to be as close to him as possible.
OTR: Twenty years from now, where do you see yourself?
JAC RIP: The way things have been going these past 2 and half years, honestly I cant tell you if I’m going to preaching or in the music industry or maybe both. I know I want to be a world changer and continue to let God use me to impact peoples lives in some capacity.
OTR: Black history month is coming up soon. Who are some of the most influential Black people in music, or ministry that have inspired you.
JAC RIP: I have always been intrigued with Malcom X and his integrity but my Pastor who is just a few years older than me, I see what all God has allowed him to do in the last 6 years. I’m blown away and being under such great leadership I know that blessings come from the head down and I’m next.

jac 9

OTR: What do you hope for your music to accomplish?
JAC RIP: I was on tour in Florida at a church in a small town and I rapped my heart out. It was maybe 35-40 people at this church and at the end of the concert I had a 15 year old girl come to me in tears. She said that she ran away from home and was on the streets of Tampa for 3 months and the only reason she came to church that night was because she heard it was going to be a free rap concert. She said that she felt like my music was about her life. That night she dedicated her life to Jesus and went back home. As long as I can continue to touch one person at a time and give hope, that all I need.
OTR:  Amen, and Amen!  You have a story to tell, brother!  Are you signed or looking for a deal (or indie 4 life)?
JAC RIP: I’m not signed, but I would if the right opportunity is available.  Independent is good as well if you have a team and resources to make it viable.  I do so much myself from recording, video editing, graphics and booking It would huge blessing to be able to find a team that could assist in taking this music to the next level. God willing.
OTR: Yes, God willing.  We’re going to put that energy out there that the right opportunity will come.  Okay, let’s lighten up the mood, ha ha.  Here’s my signature questions:  2pac or biggie (just go with ur first thought and elaborate)
JAC RIP: Biggie, never own a 2pac Cd, thought he was cool but I was just a huge Biggie fan. hey I’m Buffalo, regional appeal i guess.
OTR: OMG (in my valley girl voice), no, but seriously.  I’m a Biggie fan, too.  Good answer.  Both were madd talented, though.   Are you working on any projects currently and if so what are they?
JAC RIP: Finishing up a mixtape that going to be hosted by ATL’s very own Dj Radical then I’m working on my next CD release “Testimony 2: Still Standing”
OTR:  Sounds like a winner 🙂 Any last remarks or questions?
JAC RIP: I just appreciate you reaching out to me. I pray that if whoever reads this interview with take some time out to listen to the music and get down with the movement. Always remember that an enemy of a man of God may soon become that mans stepping stone. God Bless
OTR:  GOD Bless you, too.
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