On The Rise UK Connection introduces Anna Leiya



Born and raised in North London, Anna Leiya is emerging into the music industry offering a refreshing sound and vocal ability sure to hit peoples’ hearts.  Launching her solo career after being in an all girl group (which won best vocal group at the urban music awards), her talent, personality, and faith won her fans and supporters from all over the UK and abroad.

She has achieved success appearing in urban T.V. shows, opening music stores and collaborations with well-known UK hip hop stars.  Those who have worked with Anna Leiya and radio stations who have played her music such as Choice FM have said ‘Anna Leiya is one to watch out for. UK’s next big artist to emerge’.   So be prepared, Anna Leiya is here ready to catch the taste of all music lovers.  Ready to capture you with her captivating sound, so enjoy 🙂

Audio Link – http://www.mixcrate.com/dange/anna-leiya-radio-interview-with-djdange-2115207 

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