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b1Atlanta is now tagged the Hollywood of the south.  With entertainment at an all time high, it’s not hard to miss the diamonds in the ruff in a saturated game of “let’s make a deal”.  That’s unless you stand out….and I didn’t have to go too far for my search of a diamond in the ruff when I went on my search for INK RapStars in Atlanta, my hometown.  Ink is everywhere, and some of your hottest rappers sport the hottest tattoos.  But “hottest” isn’t good enough, because there’s so much talent…you have to be more specific.  You have to think outside the box and pull from it something special, magnificent  and unordinary.  Well, it’s not everyday that you see a BMX/Rockstar/Swag Coach.  Now, top that one.  I’d love to introduce the world to BMX Beesy B..



OTR: There was news that you signed to Nitti Beatz. How did that come about?
Beesy: I met Nitti 2 years ago at a Travis Porter video shoot,we kept in touch and i signed last year
OTR:  How long have you been doing music?
Beesy: I been doing music 9 years
OTR: Do you write your own lyrics?
Beesy: yes i write my own lyrics
OTR: You tag yourself as being a Rockstar, a bmx rider, and a swag coach.  What exactly is a swag coach?
Beesy: a swag coach is a swag instuctor,alota people say im fly but i dont even try,they always ask me for advice on clothes when they.re out shopping or getting dressed,and i give it to em..hence “swag coach”
You’re the founder of #GirlzWithINK. Could you explain what it is, exactly?
Beesy: #GirlzWithINK is a company I started to show the world that tattooed women are beautiful too,and do the same everyday jobs and tasks as the next woman..they have fun and still handle their business at the same time,ink is art and we all know art is beautiful
OTR:. Where did BMX come into your life. Tell us about Beesy, the BMXer.
Beesy: i started riding BMX about 4 years ago,i rode bikes all my life but thats when i really got into the craft of it,its fun and a great stress reliever minus the scratches,bruises,or broken bones you might aquire lol..but its all worth it in the end for the love of BMX


OTR:. What’s your relationship status?


Beesy: I’m single as a pringle lol
OTR:. What made you get into ink the way you have?


Tupac made me get into ink,every since  he got thug life in his stomach i was in love with ink
OTR:  How many tattoos do you have in all?
Beesy: i have about 60 tattoos and counting


OTR: Old Lil Kim or Nikki Minaj? (whatever comes to mind, elaborate on why you chose that person).



I like nikki,i just think shes the dopest female MC ever so far,the way she puts words
 together and compose her songs ids just genius,from her style to her personality i think shes the best female hands down


OTR:, On a typical wind down day, where will we find you and what would you be doing (your pastime favorite)
Beesy: On a typical wind down day you will find me chillin at the crib watchin’family guy lol favorite show ever,lol
OTR: 5 years from now, what do you hope to be doing?
Beesy:  5 years from now i hope to be successful in all my endeavors
and be a billionaire, I’m always gonna be doing something tho,always trying some new adventure. lol

Check out his latest single “Something” Produced by Nitti.


Follow BMX Beesy on twitter @BMXBeesy 
Check out Girlz Wit Ink  http://girlzwitink.webs.com/
Words By Attica Lundy


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