Nicholas L. Scott Sr.’s Book Release / Book Signing Party

Event: Nicholas L. Scott, Sr.’s Book Release/Book Signing Party

Date: December 20th, 2014

Location: House of Blended Ink, Atlanta

Performing Artist: Cadence


It’s was a celebratory night of art in Midtown Atlanta. Nicholas L. Scott Sr, also known as ‘Redd’ was releasing his first book, “12 Habits of Great Apartment Leasing Consultants” at the venue,  House Of Blended Ink. Photography graced the walls and other art pieces were spread around the room for ambiance in the dimly lit space of the beautiful art, music, and photography studio. R&B singer, Cadence was a perfect piece to the makings of the night. The strong vocalist, Cadence kicked off   the night of success.


Author of the night, Nicholas L. Scott Sr., chose his favorite serenade that he wanted Cadence to showcase her harmonic skill to. Her song of the night was a delightful rendition of Unthinkable’ the original piece by Alicia Keys. Cadence began singing a capella, allowing her audience the opportunity to taste the sounds of each perfect tune.

After  the crowd was relaxed, in awe of the beautiful singer’s smooth voice, Mr. Scott went on with the night’s presentation with the sincere appreciation of her talents at his special event. The night was a success indeed. The Author signed autographs and thanked his guests. His gratitude was heartfelt. As big a success as the night had been, Mr. Nicholas L. Scott maintained his composure and exhibited humility, modesty, and appreciation;characteristics that are often Unthinkable.



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