E.H.M.P.:  Thanks for taking the time out to speak to us today. Let’s start off with the meaning of your name MULA?

MULA: Thanks for having me…The name Mula was given to me, you have to earn a name like this. As a result Mula is also substitute for my original name Ms.Fit, which I decided to change because of a conflict of interest, and overall, a new beginning of this alternate self I have created. Lansky is something I added because, my father showed me the movie Mobsters and I fell in love with the character Meyer Lansky, who left a strong impression on me. He used his brains, I do too.


E.H.M.P.:  I had the pleasure of seeing your live performance of one of my fave tracks “Fly Away”. How important is your stage performance and how much time do you out into making sure you have a solid performance all the time?

MULA: Thank you! Flying away is one of my favs also. My stage performance is super important in the way that I must give my all every time all the time. I appreciate the love I get, so I return it, when I’m on stage. They say practice makes perfect, but the truth is, I don’t practice as much as I could lol.


E.H.M.P.: Tell me how you got involved with A.D. The General and Ms Fefe(N.A.B.) and the entire Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?


MULA: I got involved with A.D. and MS Fefe a little bit ago. I knew MS Fefe personally and she opened the door for the networking that took place. A.D. through a BBQ event that was off the chain might I add and everything started budding thereafter. I preformed at her events and good things have kept happening ever since.


E.H.M.P.:  Who and what inspires your music?

MULA: My music is inspired by the artists before me, my surroundings and personal experience. I have the opportunity to be amongst rap royalty. Rappers who haven’t gained a big name, rappers who just rap for their peoples. My fans out in South Africa and various other places in the world inspire me. People connect with you and you connect with people. You develop these relationships that in other circumstances would not have been. Social media and this rap platform I use inspires me to keep writing, and keep pushing, and helps me realize people like me, people like my music.


E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers listen to and download your music?

MULA: Some of my stuff is on youtube and I’m also working on and album called “LIPSTICK and LUGGAGE”, look out for that.


E.H.M.P.:  Tell me something the world doesn’t know about you?

MULA: The world doesn’t know that, if a door is closed I will find a way to open it, and I know the odds are against me but I kind of find joy in being the underdog.


E.H.M.P.: Any thank you and shout outs?

MULA: I’d like to shout out Elegant Hoodness, AD, Ms.Fefe, Lady Fellz, Superstar Fellz, Brooklyn, those who believe in me and my fans, I call them my Dolla Billz. The journey is just beginning !!!

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