Model Spotlight: Mizz Juici With An I

14885946_254698218265856_1115898476_nMizz_JuciFruit / Juici With an i was born as Cassandra Toney on June 08, 1987 Chicago, Illinois, USA. Mizz JuiciFruit is an American video performer, model, actress, dancer, host and business owner.  She was raised by her father, whom happened to be a tailor. Her father placed her in numerous fashion shows as she was growing up. 14885962_254698194932525_170390204_nBy the time she was 24 she began to build a career as model, by attending video shoots, photo shoots, and various events. She own which sales calendars as well as a line of vegan beauty products. She also provide promotional videos, commercials, & products reviews to give exposure to other businesses and music artist.




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