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ALEXCINA was born in Macon, Georgia and developed a love for entertainment at an early age.  She began dancing and participated in dance teams for school and community organizations in Macon and Savannah, Georgia   In addition, she developed a knack for business and studied marketing at Savanna State University.

ALEXCINA stepped in the modeling world in 2009 and has been gracing runways, posing for print, and promotional projects ever since.  She has modeled for Atlanta boutiques, upcoming and established designers from Atlanta, California, Florida, and China just to name a few. Alexcina_8

Along with modeling ALEXCINA is also in the world of marketing, working as a Web Marketing Coordinator in the corporate field.  She also earned an MBA in Entertainment Management and used this knowledge to start her own business – Paina B Music Marketing and BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog. With two companies developed in the Music Marketing field, ALEXCINA keeps busy with building her brand. 


Currently, she is pursuing acting to add to her resume and is off to a great start by having worked on independent and major film productions, web series, and TV sitcoms.   




“There is a lot that I want to do, a lot that I want to conquer but I can’t jump into all of them

at once. I want longevity in everything that I do so I have to be patient and take the time to

develop each project. But I have  faith that I’ll reach my goals and so much more!”


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