Michelle Nunn: An Active Community Volunteer Sincerely Making a Difference.



Meet Michelle Nunn, Volunteer at SWEEAC (South West Ecumenical Emergency Assistance Center), oh yeah, she’s also running for U.S. Senate!

So with the today’s election, I know a lot of us are like “Huh? Where are we voting? Who’s in the running? What are we voting for?” Let me speed you up a bit. This election is a Midterm Election. A Midterm Election is held two years past The Presidential Election. This election is for seats on the US Congress.

Your choices are (Drumroll Please):

Democratic           Michelle Nunn

Republican          David Perdue

Libertarian          Amanda Swafford


We may not know a lot about everyone else, but we do a little volunteer work in Atlanta, and it just so happens that we work with SWEEAC, a really awesome organization that provides food, clothing, resources, and more to the community, and guess who else works with SWEEAC?



You guessed it! Democratic hopeful, Michelle Nunn is longtime volunteer at SWEEAC. So we did a little research and found out a little more info about Michelle Nunn.


Michelle Nunn is a 47 year old mother of two with a heart for servitude and a passion for Politics. Backed by a bloodline of Political Philanthropists, Michelle knew she would make a difference in the world one day.  Michelle contributes to society as a model Entrepreneur.  She is the CEO of Points of Light, a nonprofit which promotes awareness and involvement in solving social problems through servitude. With the support of her loving husband, Ron Martin Jr, Michelle is able to put on her cape to save the world!

Michelle Nunn is a natural at engaging in Political positions. Her was grandfather in politics, and her father is former US Senator, Sam Nunn. Armed with a rigorous education resulting in her Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s in History (minor in Religious Studies),  Michelle is also the recipient of a piece of a $7.3 billion scholarship from Kellogg. Surely, Michelle has a plan.

Choosing serving the society over all else, Michelle Nunn became an Executive Director of Hands On Atlanta. Soon enough, under Michelle’s counsel, the company grew – it expanded significantly while changing lives. Before long, the volunteers versified, the exposure expanded, and the Angels assisted, empowering Michelle to shift to a new plateau and receive a beneficial budget for Hands On Atlanta. In the future, Michelle would expand and increase revenue for the needy.

Michelle Nunn is an epitomic entrepreneur, as CEO to Points of Light, an organization dedicated to getting people involved on how they can make a difference in our world through volunteering. Servitude creates better attitudes.

Michelle has received many awards including:

  • One of the 100 Most Influential Georgians by Georgia Trend in 2006
  • Global Ambassador of Youth Award from the World Leadership Awards 2010
  • The NonProfit Times ’​ Annual Power & Influence Top 50 List 2012

No matter how busy she can get, Michelle still likes to roll up her sleeves and take the time to help out in her own community.


“Michelle Nunn is an Angel. She really is,” says SWEEAC Executive Director, Ernesta Blackmon Ingram. Ernesta has had the pleasure of working with Michelle on several occasions. Ernesta appreciates that Michelle has been a long-time volunteer with the organizations and holds true to her values of servitude.


It’s awesome to have an opportunity to reach out and touch the people who are capable of changing your life with a pen-stroke. It’s even more amazing to see that they are people too that care about what happens to other people.


When you go out to vote, here’s what you should know about Democratic hopeful, Michelle Nunn:

  • Michelle is Pro Choice and supports EMILY’s List, a PAC founded by Ellen Malcolm that helps elect pro-choice Democratic female candidates to office.


  • Michelle supports gun law prohibiting mentally ill persons from buying a firearm.


  • Although Michelle has not taken a stance on Obamacare, she has not rejected it, yet declares that some aspects of the law need to be adjusted.



  • Michelle supports Immigration Acts that would allow illegal immigrants a stay in the US as they await citizenship.


  • Michelle supports same sex marriage, but will believes states reserve the right to decide.


Remember, this vote counts! Do your own research!




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