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Interview with Destinee Joyner – Teen Entrepreneur 

Social Media – Miss Moon The StarWhen my mother called and told me that a potential teen assignment coming up and I would get the assignment, I was thrilled. The youth scene isn’t given enough media attention and exposure in the On The Rise Community and I want to be one of the ones to change that.  I won’t take just any assignment, either, because one of the things my mother taught me was to love the job you do.  I’m like any other teenage girl; I love POPular things, but I have my own style, too.  The On The Rise Community that my family services is internationally filled with talented youth who not only succeed, but inspire as well.  There IS a place to recognize them outside of their homes and their local communities.  They do things that will become POPular as soon as the world knows them.  I am one of ON THE RISE MAGAZINE’S princesses (#DaPrincess ), and I aim to speak to those youthful “stars”and then to put them in our magazine and on our radio show so that the world will know them, too.

I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to make my debut to On The Rise Magazine’s written area.  Because I’ve covered and even hosted youth events for the magazine already, I really looked forward to this new aspect of my magazine career.  Furthermore, landing an interview from my mom’s  friend Yoshiko from Yoshiko ENT’s daughter, Destinee seemed like a dream come true. I’ve never met her before, but I love what she does and had I not had this opportunity, I’d still want to meet her so it’s a win/win. She’s someone we can ALL definitely look up to and be inspired by no matter what age group or interest genre.  As my mother would say, “She’s very relative in the industry”.

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At the age of 16, Destinee Joyner discovered her love for cosmetics. After her mother

experienced a bad reaction to a tube of lipstick ordered from a local cosmetic company,

Destinee decided to create her own cosmetics products using natural ingredients. Now

at 17 years old and a high school Senior residing in Virginia, Destinee seized an

opportunity to become CEO of her company Chey Cosmetics, LLC. She began her

lipstick journey in 2014 working diligently to perfect her craft using natural oils as the

base ingredient. The teen entrepreneur taught herself the elements in creating the

perfect lipstick. Destinee would sit at the kitchen table with her lipstick utensils,

resembling a science project, and began to make magic. With hard work Destinee was

able to create lip colors that range from natural to bold; colors sure to attract fashionable

teens and trendsetting women. Unlike her peers who are focused on teenage hobbies,

Destinee chose to focus on teen entrepreneurship. Destinee is determined to see her

business flourish from social media marketing to shipping samples to potential clients

and creating new lipstick colors in her spare time; Destinee does it all. She plans to

continue her business throughout college as a means of self-employment and further

her financial security. Chey Cosmetics, LLC lipsticks has participated in vendor events

and gift bag giveaways. The company has currently partnered with a local domestic

violence awareness agency named Second Chance at Renewing Self ((S.C.A.R.S)

creating a signature lipstick color with a portion of the proceeds is being donated to


Chey Cosmetics: “Color…nothing to be SHY about”

CheyCosmetics💄 cheycosmeticsllc • Instagram photos and videos

Miss Moon The Star:  First of all, what prompted you to start making cosmetics?

Destinee: I really like lipsticks and thought it would be great to make my own.

Miss Moon The Star: I really like lipsticks, too.  I probably even love them.  And I also love lip gloss.  How did you come up with your company name?

Destinee: My middle name is Cheyenne, hence Chey Cosmetics.

Miss Moon The Star: What age were you when you truly decided you wanted to make cosmetics? (meaning made up your mind to actually do this, not just the thinking about it time period)

Destinee: 16 years old

Miss Moon The Star: Who gave you the motivation to keep going and work hard?

Destinee: My mother, she invested money and time to help me get started.

Miss Moon The Star: How did you get the money to start your company?

Destinee: My mother

Miss Moon The Star: How did you find out how to make organic products?

Destinee: Researching online because I know how important it is to use natural products.

Miss Moon The Star: What are some of the websites that you promote your company on?

Destinee: Only my mother’s website

Miss Moon The Star: How are you planning on putting your company out there?

Destinee: Continuing to participate in community events and networking through social media.

Miss Moon The Star: What advice would you give someone who would like to start a cosmetic line?

Destinee: Stay focused and promote your business.

Miss Moon The Star: You’re fairly young so here’s a teen question:  What age were you allowed to wear makeup?

Destinee: 16

Miss Moon The Star: Who are your shout-outs?

Destinee: My mom Yoshiko and my best friend Khayla.

Interviewing Destinee helped me to see for myself that age is just a number.  As a result of  the support of her mother , she was truly able to bring her dreams into reality.  I am left feeling very inspired, as I hope you are too. Inspired to do what you love to do, inspired to make a difference, inspired to pursuit your dreams, and inspired to take charge of your own “Destinee”.  I think it was our destiny to link up, and I can’t wait for my next interview with Destinee, CEO of Chey Cosmetics LLC which is slated to occur via On The Rise Radio.

Please be sure to follow Destinee and her brand Chey Cosmetics LLC as well as her momanager Yoshiko from Yoshiko ENT.  Their links above the interview.  Also please place some feedback in the comments section below . Stay tuned for an upcoming LIVE interview on ON THE RISE RADIO’s YOUTH SCENE.


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