Meet Inspirational and Phenomenal Make-Up Artist, Riska Crowder


Power house Riska Crowder experimented with the art of cosmetology early on in her youth which determined her lifelong career as a true beauty consultant. In 2007, Riska became a licensed cosmetologist at the Fort Worth Beauty School and graduated in June of 2009. Excelling in the field of cosmetology, her accomplishments grew from receiving a certification as an eyelash extension professional at the All Good Beauty Institute back in May 2009 to working with one of the top brands in the beauty industry: the “World Famous” M.A.C. (Makeup Artist Cosmetics). Riska became one of the PREMIER certified M.A.C. consultants until August 2011. These experiences opened the gateway for her to create her own identified brand known as “Lady Lashes” – a lash extension and makeup boutique located in JELA’s Epiphany Salon in Fort Worth, TX. Her business continues to blossom as crowds of people from all over the DFW area gravitate to experience her art and exceptional customer service. Recently her amazing talent allowed her to showcase her artistry on some of Gospel Music’s heaviest hitters, David and Tamela Mann at the 2013 Stellar Awards in Nashville, TN. Furthermore, she was able to connect and share her artistry with celebrity designer, Tawni Haynes of Custom Dress Apparel and again Gospel Recording Artist/Actress “Cora” and the very famous/talented “Mr. Brown” from Tyler Perry’s hit plays and movies, Tamela and David Mann. Recently Riska was asked to fly to the 2013 BET Awards, on behalf of Tamela Mann, to be her exclusive makeup artist once more for this highly publicized event in Los Angeles, CA. Riska Crowder’s resume’ extends even further to her artistry being showcased with the Grass Roots Film Production Company in the short-film, Brunner. More importantly, if Riska is not on the red carpet for a major event, she is actively hosting lash/wedding parties, photo-shoots, creating custom looks for her vast clientele, and/or volunteering with different organizations that help young girls boost their self-esteem through beauty across the DFW metroplex. Just recently, Riska Crowder was named one of 2012 BEST ENTREPENUERS. She has also been featured in the award winning publication “ALIVE Magazine” as the resident fashion expert and is currently in negotiations with well-established cosmetics lines to display their products on her new website, Riska not only enjoys working with her clients and attending different high profile events, but she finds real fulfillment by connecting with each individual designer, model, actress, and/or community organization. Riska truly loves the beauty world and the ability to teach women how to apply makeup from every day wear to a fierce red carpet look. Her dream is still being realized and will continue to evolve through the establishment of her momentous brand, “THE RISKA CROWDER EXPERIENCE.”

Hannah Spivey: Good day, Riska. How’s life treating you? :)

Riska Crowder: Very well! Very blessed.

Hannah Spivey: For those who aren’t familiar with you and your work, please tell our readers about yourself.

Riska Crowder: My Name is Riska Crowder and I am a professional Makeup/Lash Artist based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas.

Hannah Spivey: Why did you choose to become a make-up artist?

Riska Crowder: I loved it at the age of five. Playing in my mothers makeup. Always getting into something.. Lol.. But truly I enjoy taking women  who puts more time into work a lot, and does not get to enjoy the time to do something to enhance her beauty before work. I love the “Wow” factor.

Hannah Spivey: How long have you been a make-up artist?

Riska Crowder: Professional makeup artist for  5 years.  Pro Lash artist for 7 years

Hannah Spivey: Who did you have the opportunity to work with?

Riska Crowder: Well I’ve had the opportunity to work assignments with  Comedian and Gospel Artists David and Tamela Mann. I often travel with them a lot. I’ve worked with Celebrity hairstylist Karla Langs,  Celebrity wardrobe Stylist and Designer Maria Harper, and celebrity designer Tawni Haynes.

Hannah Spivey: Who would you like to work with?

Riska Crowder: I would love to partner up with Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week  to work backstage doing makeup, and The W Magazine to feature my work.

Hannah Spivey: What else do you do other work with celebrities?

Riska Crowder: My everyday clients. They keep me grounded and inspired. I hold small classes  on certain dates teaching everyday women how to put makeup to use and to be beautiful!!  I  also do weddings and Editorial photo shoots and events.

Hannah Spivey: Tell us about your latest projects

Riska Crowder: I am holding a makeup class for inspiring makeup artist February 9th 2014..As of now I am currently in Ebony Magazine February issue with (David and Tamela Mann on the cover am on Pg. 24) giving services to Tamela Mann.
I am also a Featured Makeup artist inside of HD Encore Magazine, VOL 9. You can get a copy at your local Barnes and Noble Book store.

Hannah Spivey: If you weren’t a make up artist, what would you be doing?
Riska Crowder: Being a Paralegal. Working for attorneys. Being bored!!  Lol …I started out doing that before I found my purpose.

Hannah Spivey: What do you find challenging about being in the entertainment business?

Riska Crowder: It’s fast pace!! You have to be in the right mind frame in order to handle the jobs that are handed to you. Also, just not to get overwhelmed with excitement. Because it can be gone the next day..

Hannah Spivey: How were you able to break into the industry and solidify your tenure as a make up artist?

Riska Crowder: I attended Beauty school thinking that I needed a license to be a makeup artist. When I found Out that I didn’t need one.. I was already enrolled and getting my hours. I finished my cosmetology  and lash training hours and immediately I got a job with MAC cosmetics. I worked with the company for a few years. Met some amazing other artist that took out the time to help me perfect my skill… Along the way! I worked with an Amazing  Celebrity Dress designer name Tawni Haynes. She introduced me to the Manns. I was hired to do more assignments with them. So here we are today!I’ve done Stellars Awards, BET Awards, Dove Awards, commercials, concerts, and popular  Nation wide Magazines and photo shoots.

Hannah Spivey: Where do you see yourself in the next several years?

Riska Crowder: Producing my own TV show that inspire women.

Hannah Spivey: What are you favorite hobbies?

Riska Crowder: Dancing and trying to cook! Lol

Hannah Spivey: What is your advice to people who are trying to break into the industry as a make up artist?

Riska Crowder: First and most important advice is to Keep God First!! Without him Those mountains aren’t going to move… Also to keep yourself educated and motivated even when you’re on your worst day. Study the craft …Bring your own style and trend to the industry. Also get with other people who are humbled enough to teach you something. Keep going and going!! Push and push harder like you really want it.  Be honest and humbled with yourself, And understand that at  times things will not be easy  and yes! You will mess up….but it will be all worth it in the end…. And last .. Just be genuine to who you come in contact with. You’ll never know!

For consultations and appointments, visit Riska’s website and follow her social media sites below
Facebook: Riska Crowder
Instagram : @iamriskacrowder
Twitter: RiskaCrowder83

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