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Big Dreams Entertainment is a management company established in October 2014 in Atlanta, G.A. The founder and CEO, Donnell Chandler has taken no time getting the ball rolling and has already taken major steps to get the business flowing in. He has begun signing artists to his company and intends on keeping a small roster of artists. He is taking the solid approach by individually grooming each artist and providing for them the one on one attention they need.


Although Big Dreams Entertainment may be a new name to the public, Donnell Chandler has been building a reputable résumé and a strong relationship with key players in the industry since his days at Time Warner in Florida. Chandler’s track record of producing quality projects has been evident in his works with majors such as Ludacris, T.I., New Edition, Fabolous, Eve, Average White Band, The Temptations, and many more.
After making a major life decision to move to be closer to family, Chandler found his life changing for the better. Atlanta, the land of opportunity, growth, and development would surely house the foundation and platform in which Chandler was looking for.


Upon his arrival to the city of dreams, an excited and hungry, Chandler began working with Deb Antney, the manager responsible for the discovery of Nicki Minaj, Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, and many more. Chandler recalls the hustle and grind that illuminated within Antney’s spirit. “I’m absolutely grateful for God putting her into my life”, says Chandler about the direction that world renowned manager, Deb Antney gave him while demonstrating a no nonsense attitude.

The hustle and determination that Donnell Chandler and his company, Big Dreams Entertainment is putting in is sure to pay off. He has invested in opening this company to provide resources that the on the rise community will need to be heard, seen, and signed! He prides his company in holding high morals and even higher standards. Big Dreams Entertainment was built on core values of effective management styles which include upfront, honest, no sugar coated, highly skilled approach.


Being a successfully endowed entrepreneur, Chandler translates his skill sets to cover all functions of management. He has previous Project Management experience and places his plans for his clients in a defined strategic order. He maintains an internal team for photography, videography, editing, pre-production, story boards, song writing, and apparel.

Currently, Chandler manages 2 artists: Suagee and Big Franc Radio. He is currently working with his team to develop and mature his artists. He is providing visual coverage for his artists with his visual production expertise, delivering placements on some of the most renowned international radio sites, and has begun working with On The Rise Magazine to provide a strong platform for his clients to receive exposure.


Check out Donnell Chandler and Big Dreams Entertainment as they host the official video shoot for Suagee “Smoke 1 Blow 1” in Montgomery, AL on June 6, 2015!! Models wanted!!

Listen to “Smoke 1 Blow 1” on YouTube

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Donnell Chandler is accepting new clientele. All talents are welcome!!

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