Louisville’s Own: Photographer and Videographer Earl Malone


The German born, Louisville resident, by way of El Paso, TX, Earl Malone has been a faithful contributor to On The Rise Magazine for over a year now. He was recruited by our MVP, Philly Blocks, and noted to be a creative head. Earl Malone is currently responsible for all of the photo shoots and video shoots for our Louisville team. He is a participant of Project Risen, On The Rise Magazine’s PR program which affords entrepreneurial and entertainment hopefuls the opportunity ‘to communicate with some of the greats in the industry, experts in certain fields, the who’s who in their fields, and so much more simply by being engaged with their media team. RISEN members post their interviews on the blog and the digital/print mags, and even On The Rise Radio. RISEN receive VIP entry to all ON THE RISE MAGAZINE sponsored events, receive special invites to participate in network affiliate opportunities, and so much more.’

Earl Malone received his start in video and photography in 2011 from a friend out of Shelbyville, KY, who hosted a program called Hood Stamped TV. He enjoyed the start as he traveled around the Louisville area, showcasing local artists and events. He initially joined the team by providing a helping hand to that friend, as he needed transportation to attend the events to keep Hood Stamped going. Diligent and inquisitive, Malone took this as his opportunity to become a sponge and soak up all the information on film and photography that he possibly could.

Some of the obstacles that Malone faced initially were the costs it took to obtain footage. He overcame the obstacles by bartering deals with club promoters to provide them with the edited footage of their events. Soon, Malone became a favorite and attained other opportunities, bigger opportunities to film and photograph celebs such as Yo Gotti and Mystikal.
Earl Malone follows D Gaines from Chicago. He appreciates his style and his growth, as he increased his video library to over 100 videos in a short period of time.

Earl Malone happens to be a man of several talents; His career is in the Medical field and he has also been a beat maker and rapper. He is proficient in writing treatments for anyone in need of a fire video!
The On The Rise Photographer has headed all of the Louisville, KY Project Risen Reflection Experiences, all major projects including Cadence, Philly Blocks, and Young Lock. He just likes to do good business and appreciates his ability to grind. Malone looks forward to working with a lot of people. He doesn’t have a specific top 5 or top 10 people that he’s looking to work with, his only interest is gaining exposure and strengthening his craft.

Some of Malone’s most important goals include the completion of the videography of Philly Blocks’ EP, Mohammed Ali Blvd. Malone also looks forward to the concrete branding of his own company. He is excited about his experience with On The Rise Magazine as a member of Team Risen. He will be working with Attica Lundy Cooper to expand his brand and receive more knowledge and exposure.
Earl Malone is available for booking for all video and photo opps. He is flexible and will travel.

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Email for Inquiries: earlleonardomalone@gmail.com


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