Who Is Loud Pacc Jac?

Chad Crum, the artist known as Loud Pacc Jac, was born in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1982. For the past 20 years, he has made Cobb County, GA his home. Loud Pacc Jac says his name was derived from a slang word for marijuana and the acronym for ‘Just a Crip.’ 
Early memories of music for him include his mom listening to B. B. King and Bobby Blue Bland, and his older brother bumping Keith Sweat on two 12 inch Kenwood speakers as he drove down the block.
During the late 80’s early 90’s he heard Old School such as the Temptations, Aretha Franklin; funk sounds from Parliament, and R&B by R. Kelly and Guy. However, Loud Pacc Jac not only fell in love with real rap, he would later pursue it as a career. And he did with original songs about ‘hood life,’ love, hate, dreams, failures, wasted talent, parties and drugs. The first song he performed live was All I C Is $. “(I was) exhilarated,” he says. “It’s nothing like seeing a crowd react to your words.”
“I really feel like God has given me a talent and it needs to be shared.”
– Loud Pacc Jac
“I feel like I got something to say that somebody out there needs to hear. I dibbled and dabbed a little bit in (lyrics and making beats) way back. Then, my brother came home and said, ‘Let’s do this music shit.’ We been grinding every since.”
Today, Loud Pacc Jac has lyrical and beat deftness. Listen, and you’ll know why. He says it’s just him and the mic, and his Greedy Gutz Productions record label. Loud Pacc Jac says he has nearly 100% creative control of his art and he won’t let the “politics” in the industry keep him from reaching a massive fan base.
The artist credits a strong, internet presence and his ability to create vivid pictures of real life with his words, for his success. He is currently organizing his fan club and street teams.
When asked what advice he had for today’s youth, Loud Pacc Jac replied, “Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.  Remember that the streets have claimed more lives than they have let escape.”
Adding an extra punch, Loud Pacc Jac says that fans can look forward to the upcoming album “Society’s Bastard Sons” featuring the single “ReUp”.  The production is a joint venture that features his label mate, Southside DUNNY.
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