King Castle’s Hit Single, “Bae” Hits On The Rise Radio

I, for one, have had fantastic opportunities to meet some of the most determined, goal oriented, forward thinking musicians during my time here at On The Rise Magazine. The initial appeal that invited me to approach King Castle about writing an article for him was his energy. Never a time has King Castle been on social media and not be heavily engaged in promoting himself. Whether it is a party he is promoting, an artist he is working with, a producer he is supporting, anyone and anything, King Castle goes hard for his brand and always provides a great vibe of productivity.

IMAG1026The industry knows him as King Castle, a highly educated entertainment professional. King Castle has been growing a solid brand for several years and is constantly seeking higher opportunities and reaching enhanced plateaus. King Castle has a positive outlook on life and a Superior acceptance of his place at the top of all the charts. King Castle prides himself as being well supported, intelligibly skilled in networking and team building, and master-minded at the art of music. He is currently promoting his latest album, #RebirthofaKing, “an eleven song masterpiece,” proudly states the performer.

Discovering the passion of music early as a youngster, King Castle remembers the times “before you had to be a D boy to be an artist.” He is a native of an era which relied on solid songs with substance, real music, “eternal,” declares the artist. His main motivation for his music is his divine intuition that it is his job to share his gift with the world. He loves helping people discover their love for music through his performances and his energy. He says he discovered his passion very naturally… that it was nearly intuitive for him as he always loved the feel of performing.


Today, King Castle performs all over and enjoys making the crowd rock and making new friends. At his last performance on February 18, 2015, King Castle rocked out at RAW Atlanta. He represented with his confident delivery and solid approach. He got the crowd engaged and brought lots of energy. The performance was legendary! Supporters from all over showed up to show love!  King Castle humbly thanks God and all of his supporters for his growth and successes.

King Castle prides himself not as a rapper, not an artist, but a real performer and entertainer as he writes his own music, provides executive decision on direction of his brand, and aides in production for his projects. He uses his keen sense of interaction and strategic team placement to pair his music with great producers such as iKashflo, Omni Jay, and Wahid Gomes. He looks forward to meeting many others and expanding his network. He respects fellow artists like Jeezy and advice he has to the new comers to “have tough skin… never lose sight of your goals and musical integrity.”



Right now for King Castle, he is focused on his whole album #RebirthofaKing catching the airways. He anticipates this album being way stronger than “21 & Up,” the record which he describes as the highlight of his career. The fans have caught hold to his single “Bae” ft. Zoey Clarke, and it’s in rotation on various radio stations. His campaign is strong and currently, he is in development of a long term marketing campaign which includes a strong physical promotional team, a well-seasoned and precise PR team, and a strong fanbase. He is certain that his approach will organically deliver him a global tour next year and to the bank collecting residuals over the next five years.

Tune into On The Rise Radio for your chance to catch King Castle’s newest hit single, “Bae”. He will also be joining us to talk to his fans and share his journey.

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