Jack Daniels Art Beats + Lyrics 2014

Jack Daniel’s Art Beats + Lyrics 2014

Annual Urban Contemporary Music & Art Showcase Event

Venue: The Compound

Art Beats + Lyrics at The Compound isn’t an art gallery, it isn’t a concert, and it definitely isn’t a night out clubbing. ,


The movement is said to be the country’s largest traveling art and music tour. This fusion event is sponsored by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and it succeeds every year. When someone tells you to arrive 30 minutes before doors open, believe them. As night fell,  anticipation and numbers rose. Outside of the gate waiting patrons heard the music such as “Go Go Gadget Flow” by Lupe Fiasco, that set the mood…a night hidden from the current mainstream and putting urban creativity on display. Once inside, there’s too much to take in at once but you become a curious kid in an artistic candy store, never realizing before how huge The Compound nightclub actually was.


First there’s multiple area of wall sections setup with art from local artists from creative photography, paintings and graffiti. Every wall was a conversation starter and there were at least three phones snapping pictures of each. All pieces were out of this world or put a magnifying glass to our surroundings and society.


The venue energy was high and the crowd was rolling in nonstop, thickening all night. Outside, the patio area was charmingly set up with a waterfall pond and white sofas. The patio was where the DJ Moetown Lee and true hip hop host with the most, D.R.E.S. tha Beatnik with a different sound than inside. It was an outdoor house party of classics that rarely gets spun anymore, not just the typical joints that every club DJ plays on their itunes. The DJs weren’t afraid to play things never heard and from other regions. In the patio area was also a tent for AB+L radio where shirts and several artists’ prints were for sale.

Jack Daniels was an amazing sponsor to the event. All it took was an RSVP text to gain access to the event and as soon as they check it, you get rewarded with not one, but two shiny plastic free drink tickets from the pretty Jack Girls (which weren’t watered down by the way). Jack also brought in a photo booth that posted right to your facebook and printed out shots of you and a friend, and then the friendly and energetic brand ambassadors treated you with goodies such as a hat, flashing necklace or t-shirt. There was no possible way that anyone could be in a bad mood in this place.

From networking to amazing inspiring art or just enjoying a great warm night under the stars, this was a great event that people put their all into.  I’ll be waiting for the next one!



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