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As the creator of ON THE RISE MEDIA, I am fully aware of what it took for us to make it to this point.  Inspired by the needs of the ON THE RISE  community to become “discovered” and “connected”, as well as successful in their chosen fields (perhaps even reaching stardom and fame), I created a series of tools that would allow me to offer my PR services by way of media exposure to those who may not necessarily be my clients.

I think it is only right to help those in need when we can . ON THE RISE MEDIA gives exposure to everyone in the entertainment industry including authors and athletes.  The networking opportunities of the ON THE RISE MEDIA are second to none.

We are not aggressive competitors that are out to take over to the world.  Everyone involved with ON THE RISE MEDIA are essentially our partners.  The people that we provide exposure for and do business with are a part of our movement, and therefore they are partners with one another.  A worldwide movement via ON THE RISE MEDIA is but one small step in the evolution of global networking, and a large step in the ON THE RISE movement.


  1. Hi, I am a new author. My debut book Born Together was published in June this year. I am interested in finding out more about ‘On the Rise Media’. I am myself ‘on the rise’, aiming high and trying to push my story and my book far and wide. How can I become involved? Maybe be interviewed or write an article? I look forward to hearing from you. Positive thoughts always.

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