Introducing Heron Rodriquez

I am Heron Rodriguez representing Hip-Hop and every ghetto in America. I am originally from Talladega, Alabama. Right now, I live on the road. Wherever there is a stage, recording studio or radio station, I can be found.
I love all music but my favorite is Hip-Hop/Rap. Coming up in a racist, impoverished area like Talladega County made me learn survival and hard work. I bring my story to not only America but also the world. I have been a child, son, father, brother, musician, athlete, drug dealer, thief, criminal, lover, fighter, etc. You name it and I have been through it. Come witness my story. From 2Pac to James Brown, my musical influences range far and wide. My new mixtape/EP is entitled In The Beginning God Created… You can find it on LiveMixtapes. My lead single “Hero” is catching fire around the country. Catch me on tour this fall up and down the east coast and out west as well as my origins: the south.
 Words by Heron Rodriquez
Edited and placements by Attica Lundy Cooper  

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