Introducing Actor Jerod Haynes




Jerod Haynes born and raised on Chicago’s South Side. Jerod grew up playing sports which kept him from joining any street gang. Also his mom stayed on him, and instilled a spiritual base and belief in God. Jerod played basketball for Hales Franciscan high school in which they won state his junior year. He was awarded a scholarship to play college basketball at the University of Idaho. Played 2 seasons and transferred to Angelo State University before leaving to pursue a professional basketball career. In 2010, nothing came of that so Jerod decided to take an acting class. He was bit by the bug and now he seems to have found his niche. He began taking more classes at Acting Studio Chicago. Jerod has worked at Chicago’s ETA Theatre, where he started. From there he played Tom Robinson in Milwaukee Repertory Theatre’s To Kill a mockingbird in 2012. Then he studied in the UK, Oxford in a program called BADA(British American Drama Academy). Jerod was recently in ATC(American Theater Company’s) production of COLUMBINUS which is nominated for a Jeff Award “best ensemble”. He also will be featured on the upcoming highly anticipated video game Watch_Dogs which is set to be released this winter. Jerod is currently in Timeline Theatre’s production of A Raisin in the Sun in which he Plays Walter Lee Younger. The show has had rave reviews. He dedicates his work to his Daughter Jalaiya!!!


Walter Lee Younger (played as a coiled spring by the excellent Jerod Haynes).”,0,4214570.column


5 Stars


“Jerod Haynes’s Walter thrums with ache and need for the world to take him and his ideas seriously; it’s a powerful, intensely felt performance.”


“As Walter, Jerod Haynes kinetically depicts a haunted dreamer who needs this family to keep (the dream) from exploding: His hunger for happiness is almost enough to excuse all the excesses he can’t quite avoid. (Forget Sidney Poitier and Ruby Dee: This play lives again right here in Lakeview.)”


Jerod prides himself on the work! Hopes he squeeze all he can out to see what he is made of.


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