International Pop Star Jahna Sebastian Releases the Cover Art for Her New Album ‘The Alchemist’

NEW YORK, NY (July 10, 2017

) — London based singer/songwriter and producer Jahna Sebastian releases the cover art of her much anticipated new album ‘The Alchemist’ which will be released at the end of the summer. The album features her critically acclaimed singles ‘Aftermath,’ ‘Fearless‘ and her recently released ‘Where Love Shows Light’.  All three singles were written, recorded, produced, arranged and mixed by Ms. Sebastian at her studio Multivizion Music.

When asked about how the cover art came to be, Ms. Sebastian stated, ‘The cover is the portrait that was drawn by artist Ainur Timergaliev. It represents the power of one. The power of the artist who listens to the beat of the universe and how creativity shapes our lives. The power of the mind, the focus of the cover is me as a musician, producer, singer and engineer and creative visionary seeing my path. It represents all the independent creatives forging their own identity today. It is about connecting and staying connected. It is about conversation with each other and the beauty of bringing different elements together. I produced and wrote the entire album myself. It is a conceptual work’.
Ms. Sebastian is currently working with Ainur on an upcoming exhibition which will feature their works in art and music respectively and is the ultimate continuation of the album’s concept.
Be on the look out for a special photo shoot Ms. Sebastian shot with designer Biblos Glasgow for her new collection ‘The Opulent Queen’.  Ms. Sebastian stated that the collection truly connected with her.  The shoot was shot by celebrity photographer Amit Bansal and will be released soon.
Ms. Sebastian is set to release upcoming episodes with LV MAG and Serena Hussain which cover culture, music, identity and more. The series are meant to help and inspire people all around the world with relevant topics and insightful outlook to create dialogue and push culture forward.
Link to the video of creating the artwork

Conversation on Creativity’ Serena Hussain & Jahna Sebastian on LV MAG 
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