International Pop Star Jahna Sebastian Pioneers New Concept Titled ‘Poetic Fashion Story’

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NEW YORK, NY (July 27, 2017) — Singer, songwriter, producer, and model Jahna Sebastian is a woman of many talents. Her passion for creativity and fashion inspired her to collaborate with designer Biblos Glasgow for her new collection ‘The Opulent Queen.’  Ms. Sebastian pioneered a new concept that she titled ‘Poetic Fashion Story’ where she writes a poem to describe each image of a shoot. This is a new innovative concept that is a mix of fashion and poetry where a model brings the photos to life with words. Ms. Sebastian wrote a poem to express the photos she modeled.  This is a new way of an artist and designer collaboration that brings a true vision to life. This innovative shoot is the first of its kind and Ms. Sebastian is once again ahead of the curve in this iconic, brilliantly shot photoshoot. Ms. Sebastian stated that the collection truly connected with her. The shoot was shot by celebrity photographer Amit Bansal. Journalist Serena Hussain conducted a special interview with Deborah Glasgow about her work as a designer and the collection during the shoot.
The shoot goes along with her upcoming album ‘The Alchemist’, she wrote a song that was inspired by the photo shoot. The theme of transformation for the ‘The Opulent Queen’ is following the theme of her album ‘The Alchemist’.
When asked what was her inspiration for the shoot and how it all came together Ms. Sebastian stated,  “As a creative I am introducing a brand new revolutionary way of collaborating with designers. It’s a Poetic Photo Story. This is a completely new concept I came up with by being inspired by visuals as an artist. I am a visionary and this is how my brain operates. Deborah Glasgow wanted to do a story through pictures, a story of transformation from a woman who lost herself and found her inner Queen. I hope that many women can relate to the story and the self discovery that the metaphorical Opulent Queen in the poem does. I wrote it down in a poetic way to describe each picture. This is Jahna Sebastian’s Lyrical Fashion. This photo shoot is meant to inspire, empower and uplift women around the world to show to discover the strength in all of us, the Queen in every woman. Through collaboration with designers, I as an artist create fashion with meaning. A picture speaks a thousand words, but I also add words to multiply the impact of the picture.”
There are thirteen pictures and thirteen verses that go along with the story describing every image. Be on the look out for more of Ms. Sebastian’s Poetic Fashion Stories.
The Opulent Queen’
Lost in the shadows of broken promises
Slowly breathing, no cure, no medicine
Ten years of hiding, ten years of pain
How can she see past the clouds on her way?
Now when it’s cold in the darkest hour
When at rock bottom, there’s nowhere to fall
Suddenly finding inside herself power
Knowledge forgotten deep down in her soul
All that it took was digging deep in her memory
Something she knew at birth, carrying free
All of the hopes she had as a child
When she was twelve thinking big, dreaming wild
Hold on! Who stole all that power from her?
Can she get back up on that road
That’s meant for no one else but her
Her destiny is in her hands, that’s her goal
As it was meant to be, she shall be transformed
Some would tell her ‘you’ve changed’,
But it’s the old her before her path was rearranged
New beginnings after ten years of pain are gone
Finding wings is the sweetest thing ever
Freeing her mind will make her life better
Flying away from battlefield between good and evil
Now that she takes her faith with her
Crown on her head, her chakras are open
Beautiful mind filled with thoughts like it’s golden
She is the Art, that’s the Art of living
It’s a new start, her strength’s  in believing
Must’ve been grief, but she’s free now
Must’ve been somebody’s evil,
But she’s totally free now
No going back to the enemies scheming,
She is the Queen now
A thousand light years ahead everybody can hear
Queens from the past, it’s that spirit
Transcending time and space without fear
Mother of love in the World, shining bright and vivid
Running the world is a natural feeling
Humble through suffering and healing
She can relate in her decisions
See different views, know the reasons
Who is that woman that’s in control?
No longer asking, she knows where to go
Need advice or a piece of wisdom?
Here she is, you know who to call
Holding her words where her heart is
She can transform you too like an Art piece
Defeating the evil she is a Soldier of Light
Anything is possible, she can reach heights
Magnificent, strong and feminine
She is the force to be reckoned with
Celebrating while dancing and singing
Musical waves across universe
Light years ahead it’s the new time
The Opulent Queen is here to shine
The Opulent Queen has arrived
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