Inside Scoop: An Ice Cream Social Panel Event

Inside Scoop: An Ice Cream Social Panel Event

Social Media Panel Discussion


Venue: Collider ATL (Inside the Biltmore)

Women have been recently shining in the social media and marketing community. It is important to reach back and give advice to startups, this event did just that.


Inside scoop was a cute themed panel event of bright faces and women entrepreneurs, presented by The SOA brand. It featured two gourmet iced treat brands giving away samples, and who doesn’t love event treats?? The Ice Cream Bar had samples of their pints like Mojito Sorbet and White Russian ice creams, and yes, there is actual alcohol in them. The other featured brand was Pop Stars, super fruity vegan pops without all the unnecessary ingredients. Owner Ayesha Paul handed out popsicles to attendees, causing everyone became satisfied kids again. The joyful and open mood had been set.

Host of the event was Singles Wives Club founder, Koereyelle DuBose, a succeeding woman on social media, introduced the panel of entrepreneurs who were masters of social media themselves.

Panelists included Jamillah Rahmaad, the humble Founder of global Soukle, and friendly and knowledgeable digital account manager of Everywhere Agency, Lexi Severini.  Next there was duo Bianca Rush & Dayy Jones who are the thriving founders of Ladies Who Brunch ATL. Trina Small, creator and blogger of The Baby Shopaholic brand with a fashionable little social media famous daughter. Then there was the only but very appreciated male panelist, Social People founder, James Andrews. This was clearly a prestigious group of speakers. Pen and notebooks were in hand

The advice and experiences from these panelists and host kept the crowd interested and on the edges of their seats. Intriguing talks included the fact that Sundays are underrated. Posting and emailing on Sundays aren’t the typical ideas for everyone, but that means your post will be seen and easier to engage with. Jamillah of Soukle also referred to social media as less annoying mass text messages to your friends. James Andrews made it a point to state that, “Visuals are everything, they are very critical”,  it’s been taking over 2014.


After host Koereyelle asked all of the conversation starting questions on her cue cards, an open discussion was sparked. With questions coming from all over the room, the women were feeling encouraged to keep pushing their entrepreneurial dreams. The attendees got their money’s worth out of the impressive speakers, getting that extra little push they needed. There’s no doubt that everyone left more ambitious than they came in. The SOA Brand had succeeded in bringing the social media and entrepreneur community together for a worthwhile event.


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