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Iman Shumpert not only delivered his beautiful baby girl Iman Jr., but shortly after also delivered a surprisingly smooth mixtape along with her. Released on his daughters original birthday (January 16, 2016),  Shumpert gave his fans a 6 track project appropriately named “Shumpman the M.D.


Now I have to be honest. I am not a huge sports fan and I was unaware of the Cavalier player.  And as I read through comments about his work, I realized a lot of people were hung up on the fact he was an NBA player.  But who says your only allowed one passion? You could be a scientist by day and produce music by night. It all depends on what passion you want people to acknowledge, ya feel me? Iman shumpert is clearly pushing past his current image and showing the doubters that even though the saying  “Ball is life” is  true that  deep down inside  so is music.

shumpmanmdHis track “Smoke” puts me in the zone every time I listen to it.  The spacey sounds and echos he uses on his voice adds  intensity to the song. He talks about people praying for his downfall the more successful he gets. And making it known he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity when he says “I ain’t playing with yaw I ain’t a real celebrity I’m hands on with the grind” and also stating that success Is not for everyone.  “Like That” is one of my personal favs on his mixtape. The beat was smooth his delivery was smooth and he even had a dope break down. Every time I heard It I  was like “Dab on em” Iman brought a little cockyness in this track “I ain’t gotta pay for the glow, I already got that”  and taking shots at the twitter gangster’s “Since when do people tweet about beef? Just find out where his block at” Iman brought out some off the court street heat. His  nice vocal rhythm and rift gave  the song a nice touch. His feature DC Fly even kept the vibe of the song. With an awkward voice that somehow worked he was able to add his personality and street lyrics without changing up the concept of the song.


Shumpert did, however, follow the “cover” craze and made his own version of Drakes “Jumpman” renaming it “Shumpman” . Could I have done without another cover to this? “Yes”.  BUT he did deliver on this.   He spoke about rapping ever since he was young and doing battle raps, so clearly this is more than a hobby for him.  And it was dope how he spoke out about people saying he should stick to hoopin. And using Drake and Future as an example of people who ignored what others said and just did them.  Now I first was introduced to Iman Shumpert from his video “Build em” that featured his fiance Teyana Taylor. Being a fan of video games I was amazed how the entire video was created to resemble the popular game “Grand theft auto” another smooth track that you can just sit and chill to. By the third time I heard the song I already knew the hook and I wonder if his fiance had a hand in the song lol I realized his vocal style is just layed back. He just let’s go and vibes with this track. That’s so refreshing. Even when he goes up an octave in his libs its still just right. Not to much turning up and you can hear harmonizing in the back. I feel a B.O.B collab coming soon (Fingers Crossed).

“Eyes Closed” had to grow on me a bit. I couldn’t get passed the fact that I kept thinking of 50 cents “Get rich or die trying album” I kept thinking I was going to hear “G-Unit”!! Yelled over the track. For me it was a huge distraction. Iman makes me want to know more about him and the part of his life that everyone may not know and he doesn’t disappoint me with the last  track ” My Way” Delivering  a little more of himself, Iman chose to go deeper into his personal life speaking on how he  bootlegged CDs to make money.  Also speaking on his personal relationship with his now fiance’ Teyanna, as well as problems he’s had in his life. “My heart to big  not to know how to give and its still not enough” .

I feel like his mixtape was a great gift to his true fans and now they know a little more about someone they look up to. And realizing all that glitter isn’t gold but also letting them know regardless of what life throws your way you gotta stay on the grind and push yourself for greatness.  Despite the fact that he is known for the points he’s scored and the team he represents, Iman Shumpert just may be an up and coming artist on the rise to look out for if he decides to continue making music. Now in my eyes there is more to this man than just passing a ball. And it was a great pleasure becoming acquainted with him.


Shumpman: MD is on Dat Piff! Stream it, download, and let us know what you think of this mixtape in the comments below.




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