HULI SHALLONE EyeYee ft Young Dro

unnamedDespite pursuing his passion for music Huli’s life in the streets has not been forgotten. His music largely influenced by those experiences. He also was influenced by his cousin, DJ BCK, and brother, Derek, who inspired him to get into music. Some of his first interactions with music was sneaking onto their turn tables and watching them create music. Huli Shallone’s music often tells of true struggles and fame achieved in the streets. His music not only depicts a talented musician but also showcases his talent in the area of acting. He has performed in several plays on stage in front of live audiences. Huli intertwines his real life experiences passion and perseverance in pursuit of his career as a talented performer and musician. He remains true to his motto “I won’t quit till they put dirt over me!” Huli’s aura is one that will leave you with the desire to see him again. This aura compliments his image that conveys a worldwide street savvy intriguing person who will blow you away.

unnamedHis immediate goals are to catapult his record label So Flooded Ent, sell millions, and go back to his hood to help all the overlooked and abandoned. Long term wise he wants to sit on the beach with a fat stomach while his label is worth millions. Millions that will help him help as many black people possible and see everyone eat. This mentality helps him work towards success which he describes as the moment you no longer have to grind for what you need or want. Since he is influenced and shaped by his environment and family it makes sense that his right hand man Okie would handle his every day activities and his go to producers are on his label. While he has already had superstars like Mannie Fresh and Lil Flip on his songs he would love to work with Drake Adele and many artists from his home town. His current single is EyeYee ft Young Dro and is available on Vevo. His next single will be Ride With Me ft TK. So look out for the next international star.

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