HER Story | Juanika Dildy: On Not Achieving Immediate Success and The Death Of A Close Friend





Every woman has a story to tell. A woman’s story is also one that is the voice of anyone’s mother, sister, or daughter , wife, etc.



HER Story is a video series by World Wide Women Group and it focuses on telling the everyday story of what women in the world are faced with.

This video features Juanika Dildy, who is an entrepreneur and she talks about not achieving immediate success in business, the passing of her friend due to leukemia and her mother’s battle with cancer. Powered by The Rebel Society. 


HER Story – Juanika Dildy from The Rebel Society on Vimeo.


This video features Brittney Dennis, who is a social worker and mother of two and she talks about overcoming obstacles such as flunking out of school, getting a divorce and raising a daughter with down syndrome.

HER Story – Brittney Dennis from The Rebel Society on Vimeo.


There are many other stories to be told; each one unique in it’s own way but above else encouraging to make a change and be a better YOU.  For more stories, please check out the face book group https://www.facebook.com/TheWorldWideWomenGroup.



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