Henry County Teenager Still Not Released to Mother

Atlanta, GA

There was a video released by the mother of a Henry County teenager that was arrested at her high school and is being held at the county jail under felony assault charges on the Clayton County Sheriff that tackled her.

The video was released by the mother of the seventeen year old female, @MsBossladii, a well known Atlanta entertainment promoter, on the social media platform, Instagram with the caption:

Here’s part of the video from the school… As you can see, the officer was using unnecessary force & my daughter was trying to defend herself & it lead to her scratching the officer… My daughter is only 17 & this makes no sense… But SHE gets arrested for felony assault on an officer…”

The video also has the voice of @MsBossLadii’s brother asking school officials about the no statements of witnesses and of the people involved, in which they were told that no statements are available.

Meanwhile, the seventeen year old girl is being held in Henry County Jail on a $10,000 bond. Because @MsBossLadii’s ID is issued out of state, the jail is not releasing her daughter to her custody. The public outcry for the release of the child to her mother is becoming more apparent.

video of school 1

We will continue to follow this story and keep you all updated as

our prayers continue to go out to @MsBossladii and her family.

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