Henry County Teenage Youth Falls Victim To Police Brutality and Felony Charges

Atlanta, GA

The city of Atlanta and surrounding areas grew sad when news hit Instagram and Twitter in a public outcry for help about a teenage female who was recently arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault after school.



“On Friday May 8th, 2015, my daughter was assaulted by the school’s resource officer, which is a sheriff officer…Her & another student was arguing in the school’s gym when the coach called the officer to defuse the situation that was already defused… The officer approached my 17yr old daughter aggressively telling her to stand up… When she didn’t, he grabbed her by the arm & pulled her up… At this point, it was assault… He pulled her & told her to continue walking… Once he pushed her she scratched him in the face… He then grabbed her by her hair & slammed her on the ground… What you’re seeing here is 2 grown men, the officer & the coach, w/ my daughter pinned to the ground… This was unnecessary & they are charging my daughter w/ felony assault on an officer… Because they said this is a federal offense, she’s in county jail….. I requested to view the school cameras but they told me that I am not able to do so…”

MsBossladii, also known as the “Grustle Queen” is a well known figure in the Atlanta On The Rise Entertainment Community. In efforts to gain assistance, I called out to TJ Making Moves, a local Atlanta promoter whose family has been in and on the front lines of protests and political talks surrounding the recent murder of his younger brother by Cobb County police using, again, un-necessary force.  #JusticeForNick has been a strong movement, and hopefully he’ll be able to assist MsBossLadii with her unfortunate situation.  A seventeen year old I’m so thankful that the young woman, who has yet to be identified, is alive. But time cannot be wasted.


TJMaking Moves will be teaming up with @BreakingTheChainsATL to present the ALL LIVES MATTERING TEEN SUMMIT PANEL.  Moderated by @IAmSharBates, panelists will speak from 4pm-8pm at 100 Flat Shoals Ave. SE Atlanta, GA 30316.  Panelist include .  Hopefully this will wake some people up @iambenzino@tjmakingmoves@darlenemccoy@michaelkeith112@melindasantiago@lantbo@mishon@mamakcamp@lilbankhead945@moneybag_mafia@sleepis4suckers@iamshortymack & more. There will also be a Special Dedication For TJ’s Brother#NicholasThomas . Everyone is invited! @tenpowermovesaday#JusticeForNick#itsTSBS. Communication is always needed when the community is under attack.

pave magazine august edition

The teenage girl’s mother, MsBossLadii, is no stranger to this movement.  She is the creator of Pave Magazine (People Against Violence Everywhere), which will be released in August 2015 in dedication and memory to her, whom she lost one year ago .

“A magazine dedicated to show love & support to those that has lost a loved one due to violence….. This magazine was created by yours truly, MsBossLadii, w/ the hopes of helping others deal w/ their loss..We also have a section where we allow inmates to tell their story….. If you know anyone that has suffered a loss through violence, it can be an aunt, uncle, cousin, or even a friend, send an email to grustlehardent@gmail.com”  

MsBossLadii is taking great strides to assist in helping give more awareness to violence. Having to deal with this new situation with her daughter and the recent loss of her mother made this past Mother’s Day 2015 a very hard one, to say the least.  With her baby behind bars and limited funds, we are certainly reaching out to the masses for assistance in funding, attorney fees, and anything that can help.

We will continue to follow this story and keep you all updated.

Our prayers go out to Ms. Bossladii and her family.

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