Give Back! PreAnna Grant Shares Her Experience with ‘Youth Helping Youth’.


Everything you have in life, you’ve worked for one way or another. To receive help, you must have helped someone! One way we love to help and get involved is by volunteering in the community! I caught up with youth advocate and avid volunteer, PreAnna Grant and got for cool info on a great place to share some time and give back.


“‘Youth Helping Youth’ is a local (Metro Atlanta, GA) volunteer group of inspired individuals with a dream like many other revolutionists. ‘YHY’ is inspired to work in our communities and is dedicated to seeing a radical change on how the world views young people.

Truth is, commonly,  when a  group of young people are gathered together without coordination and/or purpose there lies  controversy, competition, and confusion which is ultimately the cause  of chaos. It has been  observed that whenever a group of young people are gathered, they are expected to behave  inappropriately and are assumed to be up to no good.

‘YHY’ is inspired to change that negative connotation. We are inspired to bring families, friends, and all ages together to make an impact in our  communities – hoping to reach as many supporters as worldwide. We strive to be a foundation for  inspiration and a light for hope.

‘YHY’ founder, Calvin Michael Dreamer Hayes united with other non profit organizations bringing together all age groups and kicked off its very first  “Inspired2Inspire” event with a game of community kickball. Following events included the  Warm Clothes Drive, a fun local festival with food, and give aways.


Currently, each Saturday morning a dedicated group members come together for our  “Honk4Love” campaign. Members joyously stand on local streets to simply remind someone  that they are loved, to Love, reminding them that everything will be ok, and encouraging all to  be in good cheer. ­All Good Vibes.

One group member stated that “Word is that it is Power in partnerships” and that she must admit  that “It is healing to be united with inspired youth with parallel vision.”


‘YHY’ is looking forward to many future events  including the “SS or NS: Safe Sex or No Sex campaign.” This campaign encourages individual who are sexually active  to practice safe sex and to inspire them to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, to  know one’s status, and to be responsible for a calmer, healthier, and happy lifestyle. Here at ‘YHY’ we know that it is common for some individuals to find themselves nervous and have  anxiety about regarding their statuses. For this reason, we will partner with local health  facilities to give away special prizes and a chance to participate in some of Atlanta’s most  anticipated events to reward those who’ve made responsible decisions.

Join us! Youth Helping Youth

Facebook:  YHY_Worldwide

to be updated with upcoming events and what’s next with ‘YHY'”


-PreAnna Grant




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