Freda Durden’s Prosperous Future with 813WellBeing L.L.C.


813WellBeing L.L.C. is truly a company built from love. Defined as ‘an eclectic “swirl” of spirituality, life, and health’, 813WellBeing L.L.C. serves to heal the outside from within.

Offering naturally formulated body creams, black soap body wash, bath milk, body butter, detox bath salt, linen spray, room spray, herbal supplements, natural teas, spray - dua_shea butter massage candles, shampoo, oil conditioner, crystal cage necklaces, incense, and many more natural products. The aromatherapy mix in each of these products is a custom selection of essential oils that contain therapeutic and metaphysical healing properties.

813WellBeing L.L.C. is intended for the mind, body, and spirit of ‘Beings’ everywhere. With the mission of changing the worldwide view of wellness, the company’s C.E.O., Ms. Freda Durden is on the right track to making a solid impact which will positively influence societal awareness of more holistic healing. Each product contains natural ingredients which include metaphysical properties that support Healing, Meditation, Rejuvenation, and Relaxation.
813WellBeing L.L.C. also offers a unique model of private home care services for elderly and disabled clients; that includes spiritual awareness, compassion, and wellness care. The shamanic healing aspect of 813WellBeing LLC. Offers a multitude of services including: Reiki Therapy, spiritual advisement, Tarot Card Readings, and channeling. The over standing is a creation of balance between spirit and physical self.

Ordained as a minister, with the chosen title of Spiritual Healer, Freda Durden knew early in life that her purpose was far greater than any clock in clock out type of a job could provide her. Led by spirit, she did not chase high paying positions, major benefits, or even a worth-wild schedule; she was introduced to a more compassionately demanding career front, home care. Although her base pay was only $7.50, she knew she found her calling. She is a healer. She has taken the opportunity to learn more about the solidity of her gifts. After receiving a CNA certification, the journey of learning began.


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In addition to being in the senior year of her bachelor’s degree program (Human Services/ Business Management); she has attended classes on Building Business Models, led by Chataun Denise. She has developed as a Shaman through Shamanic training from Don Simmons at Phoenix and Dragon as well as received Reiki Therapy Training from Andrea Bagby, as well as Catalyst Healing Workshops by Michael Schemeca. Her development and training makes Decatur, GA native, Ms. Freda Durden well qualified to provide healing to others. She believes that her background in home care combined with her spirituality affords her a different perspective on life, conceptualizing that “our elders deserve to leave this life peacefully and with dignity; not over medicated and ‘ill’.” Ms. Durden’s products and services reflect the peace she has in her heart for humanity.

Self-proclaimed as loving, resilient, compassionate, and shape shifting, Durden’s background exhibits lessons learned and battles overcome. She is a single mother who knows much about the detriment that life’s struggles can cause which prevent our natural flow from occurring. A survivor of domestic violence, Durden has given her troubles to God and in return has been provided special gifts.

A positive-minded entity, Durden takes the hardships she has faced, like her apartment burning down to the ground, and found the good in it all; She was not alone and God had spared not only her life, but her best friend and son as well. She finds purpose in her darkest moments. She looks to help other people through their hard times. She says that she has always been an empath, that she feels other people’s energy deeply and is guilty of caring more than other people. These characteristics serve as the young entrepreneur’s platform. Her company’s products appeal to every age, ethnic background, and physical circumstance. She demonstrates patience and care to her clients, providing them with healing creams, soaps, and treatment regimens which display the concept of transferring knowledge to others with the intent of their attainment of the freedom for self-healing.

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Ms. Freda Durden is an open vessel. She prides herself in seeking knowledge and answers to how she can become better. She looks forward to one day speaking with Oprah Winfrey, and obtaining gems from the multifaceted business guru. She has participated in nonprofits such as Deskan Institute which was founded by influential role model, Dr. Joan Liverpool. Durden’s passion for wellbeing was illuminated as she worked as a youth coordinator and administrative assistant in Dr. Liverpool’s program, educating innercity youth about HIV and STD prevention. She appreciates the time Dr. Liverpool took to groom her as a business woman and the overall investments that the experience deposited into Durden’s soul.

813WellBeing L.L.C. has had its ups and downs since its primary orchestration. Durden has learned everything that she can to ensure success. From modest starts of not even understanding how to incorporate her business, Durden has since enlisted in assistance from more knowledgeable sources to certify 813WellBeing L.L.C. as a GA Vendor and Limited Liability Corporation. She is official! She has learned to delegate and get assistance for the more menial tasks such as marketing strategies, graphic design, and web design that her business requires to be successful. She has a family of friends, rather than a staff, which she relies on to provide treatment to her in home care clients. Freda is constantly in search of ways to better her brand as so many depend on her treatments and products. 813WellBeing L. L. C. is responsible for doctoring Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Muscular dystrophy, paralysis, chronic and terminal Illnesses within her patients and Durden fully trains her own assistants in providing optimal care for each individual ailment.

Built from love from the ground up is a proud reflection of Ms. Freda Durden’s business, 813WellBeing L.L.C. She appreciates support from her family, her ‘Sistars’, her trainers, her clients, and friends. She adores her son and is grateful for him, being the inspiration to conquer each battle. She is appreciative of each step towards success, each order placed, and each happy client. She looks forward to growth and success for the future. She is manifesting greatness and wills new blessings into her life. She speaks of a new website, office space, enhanced assistance, and overall prosperity.

She is becoming a staple in her field as her business model is consistently receiving recognition. 813WellBeing L.L.C. is featured on January 10, 2015 at “The Harnessing Divine Feminine Women’s Retreat” and Durden is excited about this opportunity and hopes to spark something good in everyone that comes to hear her. 813WellBeing L.L.C. is a company led by the spiritual ambiance of Ms. Freda Durden. She looks forward to being a well-known entrepreneur and her company a highly noted and respected healing firm, available to everyone. Durden will also be featured at On The Rise Radio on Sunday, January 4th to further discuss her business and her gifts to humanity.











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