Food For Thought – The 45 Day Raw Food Diet Challenge

It was on this very magazine that we first wrote about the Raw Food Challenge.  That was in September 2014, and the challenge then was only 30 days.  My husband and I were not seeking a challenge, but because the challenge was going on, we were encouraged through the fact that others were on the same mindset as us in terms of their dietary habits.  Because we were not doing a challenge, our Raw Food Diet lasted a full forty five days, and then we slowly began to eat cooked vegan food, and went that route for a while.  I LOVED living the RAW VEGAN lifestyle.  Well, in all actuality, what I was doing was far from what an actual RAW VEGAN is.  It’s all very confusing unless you just figure out what you are willing to do and try to put a name to it.  Most of us were born with free will 🙂

Free will is something that I take very seriously.  When one’s will is taken away, then it’s really quite unfair; such is life. With the 45 Day Raw Food Diet Challenge, you can take back your free will.  This challenge empowers you to really take control over your health as opposed to allowing outsiders determine how healthy your diet will be. 45 days is not a long time to learn important life lessons that you can teach generations to follow; because 45 days allows you to find yourself, most times.  It’s a full cycle well over a month’s time, it requires dedication, it allows for accountability, and it’s full of support and great lessons.  It allows for awareness.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with even more health issues on top of the ones I already had, and it was then when I learned of the secrets of what a raw organic diet could do.  I had very bad excruciating pain in my head every day of my life for years, but when I did the 45 day raw diet, my headache went away on day three.  I said “wait a minute, I’ve eaten nothing but vegetables before and my headaches have not gone away like this”. I soon figured out that I was not eating cooked or processed foods, I was drinking spring water, and I was also doing a few other things that somehow literally changed my life from having the worst head pains to having no head pain.  That’s a testimony in itself!  Whenever faced with health challenges, I always turn to my creator to protect me, to guide me, and to help me through troubled times. I’m not all into the politics behind religion, I’m speaking of the spiritual connection that I have personally. But what will say is I turn to GOD and GOD has always gotten me through.  That’s not up for debate.  What I got out of it was that people used to not die off so young, they lived longer. People used to not get cancer or any of these other diseases.  Being on a raw diet educated me about what was really going on with foods that we did not gather ourselves from the source (not the store).  I learned of herbs and other natural remedies.

On my journey to healing, I’ve come across a lot of alternative health treatment methods, ones I’ll talk about on my journey with those who will take this challenge with us.  Not only that, I found the RAW FOOD DIET to be one that delivers great energy to your body, your skin begins to become more vibrant, your mind becomes more clear, and you feel so much better than before.  Even if you have had no ailments, you’ll still feel the difference.  Try it.  Take the Challenge. We’ll also have some very nice experts that will give information on ways to fully enjoy this new 45 day lifestyle change. We’ll deliver free fitness plans. We’ll share very good meal ideas, plans, and recipes (for raw and for vegan lifestyles) and more.  The best part of the challenge is the support and accountability.  It takes great discipline to not cheat on yourself, but you can do it with the help of your team.

Even if you are already a raw vegan, this would be a good challenge to join because you’ll be able to perhaps even further your vegan experience though team work, creativity, unity and sharing. Even if you never want to live in the vegan lifestyle and are a hard core carnivore (meat eater), it’s not about that; it’s about having 45 days of absolutely healthy foods and healthy habits for the sake of the challenge. On Sunday May 8, 2016 from 9-11pm/est, Trazana Staples will be on a #FoodForThought segment.  Trazana completely changed her health around simply by changing her diet and lifestyle. She’ll advise On The Rise Radio on some tips leading up to the beginning day of the challenge (May 20, 2016).  She’s just one example of someone who knows the importance of eating organically.

I hope to see a lot of different communities join in the challenge.  On The Rise Magazine is committed to the 45 Day Raw Food Diet Challenge. Are you?


To register for the Q&A portion of On The Rise Radio’s  FOOD FOR THOUGHT on May 8th, 2016 Please register here . This is a free event however there are limited free slots.

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You can listen to the show online at–the-45-day-raw-food-diet-challenge , available live and via archives.

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#45DayRawFoodDietChallenge starts at 12:01am Friday May 20,2016 and ends 12:01am Monday July 4, 2016 just in time for the fireworks. Follow the hashtag on facebook or Twitter to join the challenge.
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