Felabration Opening Night: Meet the Designer

Felabration Opening Night

Meet the Designer

Venue: Just Add Honey – 171 Auburn Ave, ATL, GA 30303



You read it right, It’s a Felabration. Atlanta has gotten together once again for the 7th annual Felabration event. The Felabration is a weekend long celebration of late Nigerian musician and activist Fela Kuti. The event brings love  and cultural appreciation to the city and it kicked off with “Meet the Designer” featuring designer Charlene Dunbar, owner of Suakoko Betty

The event was held on Auburn Ave in a small, but spacious, bright modern shop of a tea company, Just Add Honey. The room was neatly set up with a pleasing layout of h’orderves for the guests. Everyone was excited for the start of Felabration, and getting to know new faces in the crowd.


After around 30 minutes of friendly chit chat, Spread Love Magazine introduced the intimate crowd to Charlene Dunbar and her beautiful brand, Suakoko Betty (pronounced soo-coco betty). Charlene revealed her light-hearted personality and success as she spoke eloquently to the host in a talk show-like set up. Charlene’s line favors bright colors and exquisite african patterns, her passion. She grew up in Liberia and moved to the states, bringing the artful designs with her. Her designs have been featured and sold out in Belk and can now be purchased at the Beehive in Little 5 Points, ATL.


Suakoko Betty and Just Add Honey were perfect fits into the Felabration festivities, with their display of success and purity in the African American community. Just Add Honey is also a black-owned company doing their thing. Owner Brandi Shelton was present at the event and acted as an awesome co-host, sharing samples of her teas, including berry tea mixed with vodka that was nothing short of a crowd pleaser.

The opening reception was a sample of the big events to come and the loving people you will meet during Felabration. A perfect kickoff.



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