Featuring Mouse Sucks from Toronto, Canada

Mouse Sucks is an artist that has been featured a few times on On The Rise Radio’s “Hot or Not”.  We decided to add his submission to our roster and frankly, we’re loving his vibe.  His new project is really good.  Welcome, Canada!


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My name’s Mouse Sucks. I’m a rapper/producer/videographer from Toronto, Canada currently living in Brampton. My latest self-produced EP ‘Justatethebootyandifeelgreat‘ which is available on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1080400669?ls=1&app=itunes Bandcamp https://mousey.bandcamp.com/album/justatethebootyandifeelgreat and Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/7aRfpXSaTHltwUvHw28qMa


The EP features 7 original songs that I also mixed and mastered myself, including the singles “Me af (Bae af)“, “Crying At The Strip Club” and “WaitingonthatTxtfromPervana“. Justatethebootyandifeelgreat is my first full project release since 2013 when I released my self-produced debut EP ‘Lacey’s Forehead‘.


I’ve attached a few tracks from the project. I hope you enjoy the music and I thank you for taking the time to check it out.


– Mouse Sucks

Now, obviously Mouse Sucks does not “suck”, but it’s not always been that way.  In fact, his first round on Hot or Not didn’t go so well.  Mouse does come back strong, however, and we see his diligence to his music career.  Lyrically he’s’ definitely talented and we just want to see more of him.  I love his creativity and his sound.  His beat selection is really good, too.  Tell us what you think 🙂

Follow him for more news on MOUSE SUCKS. #hellacheese

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