Event Review: V103 LIVE @ Suite Lounge for “SuiteLife Fridays” in Atlanta

So, anyone that knows about Suite Lounge in Atlanta, GA is familiar that it used to be the old Luckie Lounge, years ago. The spot has a reminiscent vibe of elegance. It is glowing with beautiful scenery and an ambiance of sexy. Located at 375 Luckie St., Suite Lounge is the home to SuiteLife Fridays brought to you by Furious Ent., powered by Swirl. The grown and sexy event puts me in the mind of Monday nights at Tongue and Groove and Thursday Nights at Opera. This is familiar because the promoters are the same ones to feature all three events! They really know how to party!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve personally given a review, but I had to step out since my family was in town and they were celebrating two of my cousins birthdays’. Well, okay, there you have it, I DO always know where the party is. I contacted the illustrious BeePee of Swirl, a major promotional mastermind since forever. He always promotes the classiest events. He got me and my group of 15 on the VIP list, no problem. I showed a little later than the family, but was, no doubt only fashionably late! They hadn’t even gone to the ‘club’ part of the venue yet… they were dining at the restaurant. The food is exquisite!

The service at the restaurant in Suite Lounge was phenomenal! I wish I knew the waitresses’ name, but she didn’t have a name tag on. None the less, she was super cute too! She was a pretty chocolate girl with lovely locks, it looked like it was hers, but if it wasn’t, then shout out to her stylist! She brought a bottle of moscato to the table with a sparkler! That was such a great presentation as my family really enjoyed the show. She danced on beat, a cute, lil sexy girl dance and poured all of the cousins a glass.

Elated and excited, the cousins all followed me to the dance floor to dance to “March Madness” By Future. Everyone enjoyed the music spun by DJ Kash of V103. This party was definitely a celebratory engagement! Seemed as if everyone in the building was celebrating a birthday. The best part about it was that everyone looked fantastic! I mean, walk in, and all the women are sexy! From the curviest chic, to the slimmest fox, they were all flawless head to toe! The men were professional; everyone I encountered was very polite. Even the random dudes that kept hanging around our section, they were cool too!

We had to have danced for two hours straight! Everyone in the building was having a great time. The bathrooms were well kept and clean. The bathroom lady was available with all sorts of goodies. The bar was fully stocked and prices were reasonable at best. K. Botchey was the host that kept the party going. He and DJ Kash had an incredible flow. They work well together. The music was all things Hot. Basically, everything that is on the hottest playlists, all mixed into the chart topping sounds of the 80’s and 90’s. The 80’s babies can appreciate that, the old heads were live in the building for sure!

Although the party we were attending was downstairs, there was also a party on the roof top, in which the promoters were so kind to allow us to visit. That’s one I’ll definitely go to next time, it was a Caribbean party! I enjoyed dancing to the ‘pon de river’ selections.

All and all, the experience will forever be memorable, charted at one of the most sexy spots. A.D. Brunson, the manager of the club came to our section and personally greeted us. He was very kind to send over the same waitress from the restaurant side, with the Birthday bottle! We had a blast for sure. I recommend SuiteLife Fridays at Suite Lounge located at 375 Luckie St. to all party goers! Especially if it is your birthday. Even more so, if you are tired of lame parties.


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