Event Review: Lil Bankhead Hosts The #BestFriendTakeover at Metro Fun Center.

On last Monday February 15, 2016, if you were in Atlanta listening to the radio station, Streetz 94.5, there was no way you could have missed all the advertisements for “The Best Friend Takeover” Metro Fun Center on Metropolitan Pkwy.
The ad encouraged kids from 12-17 to come hang out with one of the station’s personalities, local celebrity, Lil Bankhead. It was free for the first 250 kids to enter. The purpose was to keep Atlanta’s youth occupied and out of trouble on their off day.
I always love events geared towards keeping kids entertained and involved. With the negative influences upon our youth and our society, a positive breath of fresh air is almost never found. Lil Bankhead has been a long time advocate of upward growth and development of the children of Atlanta. He’s hosted many events from speaking engagements for anti-bullying campaigns at schools, to kids against drugs and crime themed seminars, as well as feed the hunger drives.


The event at Metro Fun Center here in Atlanta, GA was sponsored by Empire, Streetz 94.5, and host, Lil Bankhead. It was nearly 500 kids in the building, all laughing, skating, playing games, and passing time. The atmosphere was energetic as the children ran and played throughout the arena._20160222_080516

The overall feeling of innocence and love engaged each child. There were kids  from the age of 2 and up skating, running around, and playing, despite the radio ad for children between 12-17. It was so cute too see the older kids watch over the younger ones as they skated across the rink. I applaud the excellent turn out and the energy amongst the crowd!


The event was sponsored by Fresh Empire, an organization that promotes hip hop, tobacco-free lifestyles, and the constant grind. They gave away bookbags, t-shirts, hats, and marketing materials.



Bravo to the kids! They had a blast! The #BestFriendTakeover was a monumental extravaganza of sorts which guaranteed that the children involved were safe, positively engaged, and entertained on their day off from school… Instead of getting into trouble!

Follow Lil Bankhead on IG to keep up with other events that he’s hosting for the kids!

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