Event Review: Invest In Gold

Invest In Gold

Art With a Cultural Statement by Atlanta Artist Goldi Gold


If you are drawn to art pieces that your guests walk past without giving another look, then I am terribly sorry, but expressive artist Goldi Gold is not for you. His paintings are a colorful statement on your wall that obviously harbored a lot of thought before it’s birth, and pulling out the emotions of spectators. This reaction is exactly what happened when every single “Invest In Gold” guest stepped into City of Ink, the tattoo shop that doubled as the event venue for the night. Every eye immediately flew directly up to the walls to see where that pop of color was coming from, capturing them to ponder on what it all meant and how they related.


“Invest in Gold” was the perfect name for the event. Goldi’s art is rich. His large number of eclectic  and conscious  supporters and friends make that apparent everyday. Goldi’s art harmonizes with the essence of lyrics, as it pushes you to feel and pulls up your own experiences. His art is in motion with culture and awareness. He brought the venue a room full of awe and spoken appreciation. The amount of love, unity and positivity in the quaint spot was certainly overflowing. The paintings gave the spectators a swirl of hip hop, black news/history, and good sincere vibes.


The night included other parts of Goldi’s creator lifestyle with his stock of limited edition homemade wine for sale, featuring flakes of gold. Of course this sold out, practically all snatched off of the table. Goldi also treated his supporters and art lovers with amazing mixtapes by DJ Jamad, specially put together to complement the event. The CD is a soulful upbeat mix of hip hop and funk that sets an awesome mood into the atmosphere.


Artist Goldi Gold isn’t one to take his fans for granted. He genuinely wants to bring the people to what’s good in life, and appreciates every “thank you” and praise given. His friends get quality product only, never isn’t stingy. Generally, Goldi is an artist that is pleasing to know. The vibe from the paintings and artist spread around quickly. Relationship building and networking was happening all around. It was indeed a superb night out.

View and experience our event pictures
View and buy the art pieces at:
City of Ink
323 Walker Street
Atlanta, GA 30313
(Off Peters St. in Castleberry Hill area)

Or email the artist himself at goldigld@yahoo.com if you aren’t an ATLien



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