Event Review: Hustle & Flow at Cream Ultra Lounge

Event: Hustle & Flow: Networking & Beat Battle DJ & Producer Edition
Date: March 16th, 2015
Location: Cream Ultra Lounge, Atlanta



We were headed to north Atlanta for the first time in ages to attend one of the biggest networking galas in the city. Hustle & Flow has been proclaimed one of the most effective events in the A. This event was certain to be one of the hottest and everyone would be in the spirit to network and make moves. Grand Hustle, Rubicon, and Kind of a Big Deal were hosting Hustle & Flow at the Cream Ultra Lounge.

The venue, Cream Ultra Lounge was very plush. It was clean and sophisticated. There was no wait in line, the bathrooms were clean. The event was a great party! Although there were the movers and shakers of the industry, it was not limited to just the entertainers. The party kept going and the party-goers were having a blast!! There was new music spun, club bangers, records broken, and some old favorites too! The women in the party were beautiful; They were top knotch and personable. The fellas in the building were pretty focused, very polite, and nice. The staff was very friendly and efficient. The atmosphere was inviting and the crowd was very welcoming. Southern hospitality at its finest! We give the event an A+!

Our favorite host, Fort Knox was the big and energetic voice that we were greeted with and he was emceeing a blazing beat battle. Producers were given the chance be critiqued by hip hop industry professionals, including On The Rise’s friend, Eldorado from HipHopSInce1987. Following the beat battle was the performances, the crowd was piling in even thicker just in time to hear Philly Blocks put on a show. He was talking to attendees before the performance to get well acquainted with his crowd. A-Town Mike called Philly Blocks to the stage, it was time. The DJ started the “2013” track and Philly Blocks’ energy was sky high, making the whole venue feel his song. He never fails to get the crowd to nod their head, listen and remember. After the performance, appreciation and love were coming from everywhere as Philly and On The Rise went into the crowd to network. DJs and judges from the previous beat battle said they loved the performance and was into what he was doing.

It was another successful night of contacts, interviews and winning over a crowd. Everything from the event could be watched on ILoveMyPlug.com’s ustream. Check out the photos for more.

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