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Fran Briggs is an award winning writer, Professional Publicist, Author,  Sponsorship Trainer,
Speaker, and Personal and Professional Development Consultant  and the owner of “eMediaCampaigns!”,  a premier news release wire service for public interest news and events.  She is also the owner/director of operations for Owner/Director of Operations for Fran Briggs Companies. She has four distinguished careers-author, educator, professional private investigator and “motivational speaker of the inspirational kind.”

They are providers of unparalleled news releases to the World Wide Web, print, broadcast and other media sources. Fran is an expert in creating media buzz and optimal awareness. She helps her clients reach consumers, trade audiences, TV, radio, editorial calendars, trade publications, editors, and journalists so they know who they are; and what they do. And, she does this without putting a ding in any budget. Her clients have appeared on NPR (radio), National Television including: FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Daystar Television, CNN, Oprah, Judge Hatchett, and Tyra.

She has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their self-concept, communication skills and celebrate their goals. Fran is a dynamic keynote speaker and specializes in personal empowerment training. Her audiences include national corporations, non-profit organizations, youth groups, faith-based organizations, schools and universities. She presents content-rich, immediately applicable powerful modules in an engaging, tell-it-like-it-is style. Her passion and charisma are contagious! As an internationally published columnist, her work touches the lives of individuals from all seven continents. Ms. Briggs’ articles have been featured in hundreds of publications including the largest personal development website in the world, (www.Selfgrowth.com) and Fortune 500 Trainer, Bob Proctor’s “Insight of the Day.” She has written several books including Don’t Think Like an Elephant! and Seeds for Success.

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