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    The DJ game in Atlanta is definitely over saturated. There are more DJs in Atlanta that are anxious for their chance to shine than there are models- well, maybe not quite more than models, but there surely are a lot of DJs. DJs may come a dime a dozen, but Talented DJs don’t. I finally caught up to DJ Talent, the Atlanta based DJ that is eagerly chasing his dream and pounding at any door that he can break down.

Inspired by his father, who was a DJ in college, DJ Talent has been turning tables since the age of 10 with his first 6 deck set. He has officially been doing parties since age 15. Now-a-days, Talent spins at places like Sledge Lounge, Ju-tox Bar in Buckhead, Sutra Lounge in Midtown, Geisha House, and all of Peter’s St. in Atlanta.

Always looking for his opportunity, he has under his belt, 3 U.S. tours, and one international show, where he has spun in Amsterdam. DJ Talent typically serves a crowd that enjoys Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae, House and Trap music, although his personal collection includes it all. He insists that if he has to liven the party up, that the universal party starter is a Drake record.


     DJ Talent is quickly networking and making a name for himself through cross-promotional branding efforts with artists such as, Louie V, Meatdaman & Proph.  He proudly acknowledges that they are “All versatile artists”, and adds that “mixtapes will be out the top of the year.”  This DJ is certainly making himself known! He reveals his greatest accomplishment thus far, is when he was able to make his passion a career and he knew he was doing what he was meant to do in life when people began calling him Talent, rather than his own name.

DJ Talent maintains a positive spirit, a great persona, and impeccable networking abilities. He is readily available to take on a new challenge and expand his growing Brand. He is humble, yet aggressive in regards to his craft, and feels true freedom through DJing. He appreciates every supporter, every artist, every promoter, and every fan. He says “Huge shout out to all of ATL! ATL slick adopted me. Thank you to all the artists and promoters! Kado & Wop, Fam for life!” His advice to other DJ hopefuls is to “Keep chasing the dream and don’t stop!”


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