DJ Knight: From The Bottom To The Top!

On The Rise Magazine has the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the hottest talents worldwide. One of the most advantageous aspects of being a part of the On The Rise Team is the ability to watch those internationally known talents grow from dreaming about their future to living their dream. I have personally had the opportunity to work with Atlanta’s own, DJ Knight over the past 6 years. I remember back in my event consulting days when I worked with DJ Knight at a venue called Royale Vizionz.

royal vizionz

He definitely had a lot of integrity and determination. Back then in 2010, he was the DJ for a local promotional team called Hard Hittaz Ent, and would soon take the city by storm and network with nearly every individual in it to create a Brand to be reckoned.

Multi-talented, DJ Knight has always maintained several hustles at one time. He is skilled in graphic design, customization of studios, building studios and studio desks, managing artists, assisting labels in production and engineering, event planning, and scheduling. As if he does not have a vast enough skill set under his belt, he also provides video shoots/photo shoot services, web design, contracts, professional epk’s (digital or email set up), email blasts, custom radio commercials, distribution, blogging, tour coordination, booking and much more. I can almost guarantee that if you open your email right now, you have a promo blast from him, because his “Promo is Beastin.” Although he is a one man machine, DJ Knight remains loyal to his DJ Crew, Fleet DJs, representing as Atlanta’s only Fleet DJ.


     DJ Knight is a go-getter for sure, He has worked with names such as Gangsta Boo, Akon and his label Konvict Muzik, Grand Hustle, Gucci Mane’s label 1017, Travis Porter, Future, 2 Chains, and Migos. He is a record breaking DJ, never afraid to drop some hot fire. Right now, DJ Knight is working with Syi Ari Da Kid, K Camp, Ryan B, Wize, Tony Bone, Slim Deleon, Bengali Boyz, Juice Bigfellow, Official ADG, Dread Head Boiz, Klepto Montana, the whole CTC family and Lumitikz’s own The Luminarz. He has built a powerhouse of a team, and keeps himself busy to disregard the haters, and keep progressing.

Proclaimed that he is a real Soldier, the DJ’s name is a reflection of his childhood and hard times. He endured hardships that he was forced to rise against and fight. The DJ declares that he is ready to withstand all obstacles. Humble and patient in his approach, DJ Knight does not discriminate against where he may be caught spinning music, he simply loves music and a great environment. He is happy to set up his turntables at any venue with a positive vibe, and he really loves diversity in the crowd so he can try new sounds. He does, however, make note that he thoroughly appreciated his experience DJing at Sutra Lounge, Secrets, and Scores, all in Atlanta GA.


     DJ Knight’s career has taken him far. He has done live radio broadcasts, been contacted by businesses, artists, labels, and fans from across the globe. He has been afforded the luxury of being paid nice checks while sitting in the comfort of his home, traveled to places such as North Carolina, Miami, Augusta Ga, Alabama, California, Virginia and Canada. Through his career, he has also made special appearances and worked with a lot of major and independent labels.

With seven years as a DJ, he has an extensive resume. Never forgetting his modest beginnings as a mixtape DJ, making mixes from his apartment, he values the highs and lows it takes to expand his Brand and take his career to new heights. DJ Knight is sure to be a name to remember! DJ Knight keeps his faith high and maintains humility, constantly reminding himself that he didn’t get here alone. “I shout out to God, my family, Angel, and especially On The Rise Magazine!!!” Stay tuned and follow DJ Knight on all social media sites to keep up with this On The Rise DJ 🙂

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