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DA REAL FUTURE was born in west London, surrounded by reggae/ dancehall music from a young age as his father was a member of staff for the Greensleeves Record shop & Label, its known that this influence led to his future passion for the music genres that have seen him burst on to the UK Dancehall Scene, with some massive street hits like TEACHER / JUDGEMENT DAY / IRIE
DA REAL FUTURE is no stranger to the current rise in gang culture given the recent and ongoing media coverage it is difficult for anybody not to realize that this is a topic that hits close to home for many especially within the afro Caribbean community.

Having taken part in various school tours and always being willing to take part in community activities the next step was to relay his concerns in a way that would touch any and every body from white to black, old to young and especially those effected by gang culture.

DA REAL FUTURES approach to this was through music and being an accomplished dance hall artist this came naturally.

The track entitled: Teacher asks us all to take a look at what is going on with the youths of today and asks a question “what do we do to fix this ongoing problem”

In the short space of time Teacher has already touched the hearts of many and we hope to continue to touch hearts across the world whilst getting this very important message across.

DA REAL FUTURE has big plans for his career and has already caused quite a stir in the industry with his amazing vocal ability and commitment to making his music quality better.

When asked DA REAL FUTURE states “this is just the begging for me, and the attitude of the young generation I hold very close to my heart. I hope and pray that if this track influences even one youth to put down guns or knives that would be the start to a new beginning which I hope will have a domino affect and in turn eradicate gang affiliated violence on our streets” 
DA REAL FUTURE has a new album out in Jan 2013 for DEANO DEAN RECORDS and has done many shows this year up and down the UK. He plans to head to Europe in the New Year and continue to keep his music POSITIVE

Through Hard work Alone this rising Star is getting his name heard world wide, working with and supporting some huge artists…. DA REAL FUTURE .UK’s RISING STAR.. FUTURE TALK

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