Check out What Taliba Kuumba Loves About #30DaysInTheRaw!!!

It seems that everyone who is anyone has been participating in the #30DaysInTheRaw challenge. We have been keeping readers informed every step of the way with reports from real participants. The journey has been an enlightening,  positive, life changing encounter for many. I caught up with Taliba Kuuma, and was given some groundbreaking knowledge on why diet is so important! Check it out!


OTR Angel- Hi there! How are you today?

Taliba Kuumba- Hotep,I’m doing Rawtastic!


OTR Angel- How has this #30DaysInTheRaw experience been for you?

Taliba Kuumba- This 30 Days in the Raw has been both a healing and challenging experience for me.


OTR Angel- What motivated you to participate?

Taliba Kuumba- I was motivated to participate because, I had recently complete a 10 Days Detox and Raw Foods Program at Living Foods Institute. While in the program, I noticed a lot of the health challenges that I was dealing with began to diminish or were healed all together. This 30 Days of Raw is a life saver!


OTR Angel- What has your favorite meal been?

Taliba Kuumba- It’s almost impossible to say what my favorite meal is! Honestly they all are really delicious. Here are a few of my favorites: Mango Coconut Kale Smoothie, Massaged Kale, Mushroom Medley Soup, Linguini “Alfredo”, and Nori Rolls.




OTR Angel- Would you consider a Raw food diet for life?

Taliba Kuumba- I have been doing Raw Foods for some years now and I DEFINITELY plan to continue for life! 🙂

OTR Angel -Thank you for participating!

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